Induction Task

Photorealism – GTA 5

This graphics style uses a high level quality of textures in game models so it would be able to run clearly but that is if you have a good pc. The animations in this game are also incredibly smooth compared to all of the other GTA games. You can also use high resolutions and run it really fast.

The developer chose this style because they wanted the game to look realistic and have real life situations so people could experience it and the target audience of this game.

18+ and they normally would like FPS (First Person Shooter) and TPS (Third Person Shooter) games because GTA has both of them in one game. The TPS effects how people play the game by; if someone was on third person they will be able to see more of the map around them it would be an unfair advantage to the people who are using FP because they will be able to see who comes up behind them. Third Person makes it easier to fly Jets and Helicopters.

This graphics style works with GTA 5 because the target audience would want this type of game to be realistic because all of the vehicle models, player models and weapon models would look really nice in a 3D environment depending on what engine you use to code the game. When you throw grenades it has an animation for when it blows up, you will be able to tell how much damage you will be able to do depending on the explosion distance.

This graphics style affects the game play because if someone didn’t have the right pc and had to set everything to low graphics they would find it difficult to find enemy but if the enemy had everything on high and had good fps they would be able to see them before they do and that would be an unfair advantage.

Cel-shaded – Dragon Ball Z online

The graphics style uses low level quality and it doesn’t have high resolution. The animation also is smooth in the game it all responds well when u press the button to do a certain animation (depending on the computer).

The developer chose this game because he knew that the fans of the anime would like this game because it all looks hand drawn so the players would feel like they are controlling the anime to end how they would want. Also the developer didn’t have enough money to make the game more realistic. Also they would’t want it to be photo realistic because with the power moves they would want it to look over exaggerated because it would be appealing to the fans of the anime/game.

The other graphic style that would work with this game is pixel because the game is a pixelated and the graphics aren’t that great.

The graphic style affects the game play by it sometimes is hard to see where you are going and if the enemy is near because the graphics are not good quality compared to other cel-shaded games but it does make it look like the actual anime which is really good from the fans that came from watching the anime.

Abstract – Child of Light

The graphic style has really good quality and the animations are really smooth, this game also has high resolution. It doesn’t glitch out and also you don’t need a good pc to run this so anyone should be able to play it.

The developer used this style because it looks unique because it all goes well with the story. The animations are also really cool and smooth with the game there is a lot of mist in the background to make the game look more epic the graphics is also really good quality.

The developer chose this style because the story is about the epic journey and puzzles you are going to face and this fits in perfectly because you don’t want the graphics to be realistic otherwise they won’t be able to visualise the story more and make it as epic as it could be.

The graphics style affects the game play if you have good quality you can play the game better because you will be able to see the game easier but if you had a glitchy computer you wouldn’t be able to react to things quickly and sometimes these type of games the require a good pc to run these games at high graphics.

col_screen02_156310  Unknown.jpg


Pixel – Pacman

Pacman’s graphic style is really pixelated and a retro game it isn’t great quality but the animations do move smoothly and they respond well when you press the button to do the animation.

There are no graphic styles that could be used for this game because at the time, Pixel-art was the most used graphic style because they didn’t have the engines to make photorealism games and it was really expensive to get the right equipment and engines to make one. Since this game is has simple mechanics and animations the pixel graphics style because of its unique style of game play.

This graphic style makes it really hard to see because of how much it is pixelated, it is also really glitch at some times and that could really affect how people play. To some people Pixel games look really cool but to others they are just buggy and annoying.

The mechanics of this game play suits the simplicity of the game play because the map and of how many little character’s this game has.


Concept Art: this is just creating ideas for films, games and books.



GUI: GUI means graphical user interface and that is when it allows you to interact with your electronic devices.

PixelPixels are little dots of light that create an image.

Image Resolutions:Image resolution is where all of the Pixels add up to one image.

e.g (1920 x 1080)

Bitmap: This depends on resolution to look like the original image.


Vector Image: Vector image does not depend on resolution to look like the original image.


Compression: Compression is where you change the image file (PNG, JPEG, .GIF, .RAW) and the resolution will get worse.


Lossy: This is the results of a compressed file that has losses its quality from the original version of the image.

Lossless: This is when you reduce the file size and you do not lose any quality of the original image.



What methods exist for capturing digital images?

Camera                                            Phone Screenshots                      Webcam


What methods exist for storing digital images?

One Drive                                        External Hard Drive                    USB Stick


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  1. Sam, you have selected appropriate examples to demonstrate your understanding of the different graphic styles available, and this helps to form a good foundation for your essay. The core text of your essay requires some work though, and your section on terminology requires revision. I have detailed below the steps you need to take to improve your grade.

    Current working level: Pass/Merit

    To improve your grade:

    Remember to discuss whether or not other graphic styles may work with each of your game examples (this is missing in your Photorealism and Abstract examples). When discussing how the graphic style effects the game, think about elements of the gameplay (for example, explosions in GTA, etc). Ensure you draw on the assets of the game in your discussions (e.g. environments, characters, weapons, etc). Try to refrain from focusing too much on hardware requirements and limitations –this point is fine to bring up in discussion, but you also need to include how the graphic style may change, complement or even allow for core aspects of the gameplay, or the way in which the player experiences the game.

    I’m not sure whether you originally had images within your essay, but these appear to be missing from your blog post. Add some reference images to your graphic style examples and your terminology section – this will help illustrate your discussion and the points you are making.

    With reference to your key terms, you need to expand on these and include more detail in your definitions. Remember to research into these if you are unsure of them and, as stated earlier, include reference images to help show your understanding. You also need to complete the section for methods of capturing and storing digital images, which was missing from your essay.


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