Games development report

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 

The game-play is a first person shooter where you can play different types of game modes such as bomb scenario where you either plant the bomb or defend the bomb, team Death-match which is just 2 teams that try and get the most kills until the time runs out. If you try to play this game competitively you will need high FPS (frames per second) because it will effect your game-play so if they had 200 fps and you were only on 50 fps, it would be really difficult to shoot them before they shoot you because you would be running the game really slowly and they will see you a lot faster because you would glitch out.

There are many different types of maps in this game in 1 game you can be in a hot area like dust 2 and then in the next game you could be in a wet grassy area like Aztec which can affect your sight because if you were crouched down in the tall grass they wouldn’t be able to see you but in Dust 2 there are no places like that so it would be easier to see people.

This is Dust 2 

This is Aztec

Image result for Aztec csgo

For the characters in this game you are playing as a soldier either for a T-side (Terrorists) team or a CT-side (Counter-Terrorists) team.



When you get into a game you will be in first person, you will be able to change your POV and cross-hair to how yo play.


These are all of the Video settings that you can change.


There are only 4 different game modes and they are Team death-match, Bomb scenario, Arms race and hostage. These game modes are all in multi player because this game doesn’t have campaign because the campaign is a game itself. The graphics style for this game would be photo realism because it is a realistic game (apart from a few buggy things) is also has good quality when it comes to graphics but that depends on when your pc can run it.


This game-play is also a first person shooter where you can choose a bunch of characters which are called Hero’s, when, you pick them the have certain abilities on one he can shoot out a dragon out of his arrow and on the other she can revive everyone around you once you all have died.

Image result for Hero gallery for overwatch


This game needs a good PC graphics card to run because you will need high FPS so you can have a better view without glitching out. At the end of the game you can get exp points so you can level up and unlock more items, you can also get money so you can buy features like sprays (costume designs), golden weapons, voices, victory poses and a lot more. There are many game modes in this game and they are Hybrid, Assault, Control and Escort, these game modes are  really fun but there are also a lot of good maps for these game modes.

In Overwatch you can also change the screen resolution and the graphics settings to how much you PC can handle until the FPS starts to drop. Sometimes your monitor might not have a certain amount of resolution so you would have to turn it down a bit. This can affect your game-play because if you have low fps your PC will start to lag and start to freeze so it will be very difficult to shoot the other team before they shoot you. Some of the maps are up hill so sometime it can have an unfair advantage but other maps have a lot of buildings and walls in the way which could make it difficult to aim directly at them, there are also dark areas which will make it hard to see the enemies. This game is a photo realism game because of all the 3D models and shades to make it feel and look realistic.

Image result for overwatch mapsImage result for overwatch maps

Image result for overwatch maps


The game-play for Rust is based on survival in the wild, all you have to do is collect resources like wood, metal, water and food and then build stuff. This game is also a first person multi player game, you can control the camera movement by moving your mouse around and walk, jump and sprint using you keyboard.

In this game you can earn rewards and they are:

  • GUI reward store
  • Purchase Items, Kits and Commands
  • Exchange Reward Points (RP) for Economics money (and vice-versa) with the built in money exchanger (Requires Economics) you can change the exchange rate in the config
  • Add descriptions to your Kits/Commands
  • Add pictures to your items
  • Add multiple commands to 1 purchase (See below for datafile layout)
  • The item store can hold 21 items per page and as many pages as your wish to add
  • Pricing is using RP only, Economics money is added as a means of exchanging for points to use with GUI Shop
  • Option to disable any category of reward
  • Create custom permissions to give VIPs more points for playtime
  • Logs all points added and spent to combat scammers
  • NPC Reward dealers
  • Assign individual store lists to NPCs

you start with nothing when you first log in to a server then you have to mine wood or stone so you can upgrade buildings, tools and other resources. you can also use these resources to build weapons and defences for your base. If you have a group of people you can raid other bases and steel other peoples loot.

This is when you start Rust

This is after you have played a lot

Image result for rust gameplay

You can also change the screen resolution and other video setting to what your PC can handle.

Image result for rust video settings


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