Computer Game Design Proposal

Synopsis: You are a bunch of shapes battling it out to become the best shape there are other shapes in the way who also want to be the best sometimes you have to work as a team

Target Audience: The game is for 14+ because it has violence. I think that teenagers will like this type of game because it has a competitive edge to it because the shape you pick will affect your game-play style and you will need to be tactical because there are boxes and walls in the way.

Structure/Constraints: This game is a 3D first person shooter that will be made using Photoshop, cinema 4d, Adobe illustrator and Unreal Engine.

Visual Design: For the character design i will be aiming for a photo-realistic style but i might not have enough time but i will try and get it to look as realistic as possible. The environment that it is based in a stadium where they fight to the death.

Look and Feel: 






Technical Specifications: For my 3d modelling i will use Cinema 4d because it has a lot of options like spline modelling and just using primitive shapes, the one that i prefer to do is primitive shapes because it is a lot more simple and less time consuming the spline modelling. For animation i will be also using cinema 4d because once you have modelled everything you can have the camera move and have many different key frames. I am also going for a low Poly count 3D game which is for the PC.

Legal and Ethical Consideration: My game does not discriminate and is not offensive to anyone because it is about shapes not people. i have not taken any images and just put them on the game, i will draw them out then reference them. I will take a picture of things around the area that i live in for textures so it can’t be copyright.


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