Copyright is when someone completely copy’s another persons design without their permission and publishes and takes credit from it. The person that gets copied  from has to have evidence that it is their work or idea or the person that copied it will have rights to it and the person who had the idea will have nothing to say against it.

Copyright occurs when someone steels and idea for a game, business and a product. If the person who owns the game, business and product and does not trade mark it people will be able to copy the idea without being sued. In YouTube they have made a new terms of service so if anyone wants to make a YouTube account they cant copyright anyone else’s videos and if they get 3 copyright strikes they will be banned from YouTube and if its not that bad they might be lucky and only get the video removed.

The person who owns the copyright is normally the one who makes the product, but if the person uses someone else’s technology to create that product then technically the person who owns the technology has rights to their work unless they allow them to have full rights. For example if someone creates a game at their workplaces computer then the company will be allowed to take all the money because they have paid for the computer  that the employer worked on.

In a Video game copyright will only last 1-3 years depending on how big the game company is and how much evidence they have. If the the game company didn’t have any evidence to making the game and on the day that they did it it wont take long at all even if they did create the game the company that did copyright will be able to claim the game idea and make money of it.

Magnavox (Odyssy)  and Atari (Pong)

Magnavox was sued because they had a similar game to Atari’s Pong and it was called Odyssy. These games both had 2 squares as there main character and they both had to hit the ball to reach the other side of the pitch to score the goal.


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