Reading and extracting information.


What aesthetic concepts have shapes been associated with?

The shapes are Circle, Square,Triangle. They said that the Circle associates with “Innocence, youth, energy, femininity”, the triangle associates with “aggression, masculinity, force”, the square is associated with “maturity, stability, balance, stubbornness.”

What does the article say about ‘Character Shapes and Character Development’ in relation to their composition?

“To create realistic and emotionally richer narratives we must begin treating video game characters as real people with a breadth of emotions. As the French Romantic painter, Eugene Delacroix (1798-­1863), wrote on the topic of personalities” what they are saying is that if you treat the characters as real people, you will be able to give them the same emotions and make it look realistic and make it feel like they have their own emotions and like the are deciding how they move not the animator.

What does the article say about ‘Character Shape Versus Environment Shape’?

“A character’s surroundings are a key part of dynamic composition because the environment normally takes up much of the visual frame. (Please note that environment here also includes secondary characters and enemies.) We can respond emotionally to characters based on their shape and animation alone, however it’s only once we see characters in an environment that a narrative emerges.” This is just saying that the environment shapes are what takes up most “visual frame” and the character shape is only takes up a bit of the “visual frame”.

How has this article improved your understanding of graphic style?

This article makes me look a bit more deeply into the facts that i already know and goes into more detail. It also helps me understand it a bit more .



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