3D environment proposal

Synopsis: My game is a Multiplayer 3D FPS (First Person Shooter). In the environment, it will be based in a desert where you will be in a team of 5 trying to kill the other team of 5 which will be a bunch of online players that you won’t know. There will be objects in the way because if it was point blank then it will be too easy but that is what this game is not about. You will start in your bases and that base will start at 100% health but it is not as easy as it is to kill a player, the player will also start at 100% health but they won’t take long to kill or the game will take ages to win. There are 5 rounds each game and it is best out of 5 to win. There are no vehicles yet because of the time that I have, to make the game.

Objective: My purpose of the design is to get people that are 14+ to learn how to communicate with other people and to get them to work their way around obstacles that get in their path. Also, I think that teenagers like to play violet games but this isn’t too violent to make them go crazy and it teaches them how to be strategic and maybe work well with those that they don’t like because that would what they would have to do if they want to win.

Structure/Constraints: I am going to build my environment to base in a desert landscape, I am going to build the landscape by using height maps and a bit of sculpting to change it a bit so it suits my game play: I can do this by using a game engine called Unreal Engine 4 which is what you can use to code and make assets of the game, there is a sculpting tool where you can use height maps that you have made and put them into unreal and it will import the file and do the sculpting for you. For the buildings and obstacles that will be on the map will be done in cinema 4d by using primitive shapes, extruding and Matrix extruding e.g.

Visual Design: The overall design will be a desert terrain with 2 bases on each end (the enemy team won’t be able to attack from the inside) this game will also look like a few Halo maps that have the same style of a desert landscape.

Look and Feel:


The graphics stile that i will have in my game is  photo-realism because i want the landscape and my environment to look realistic but then have my characters not that realistic because in real life you wouldn’t have shapes running around and trying to kill other shapes. I did this because I wanted a unique style to my game, something that hasn’t been done before but still looks good.

Technical Specifications: For this environment i am hoping to do a medium size poly count because my game is meant to be photo realism so i cant have it low but if i try to have it at a high poly count it will take too long to render and that wouldn’t give me enough time because i have a hand in date. The output size that i am going to have for my game is 1080p because it is the best looking size for the computers that i am going to test the game on.

Delivery: Final environment completed by 2nd December presented and posted on my blog for review. In my environment i have added in a connector building in the middle of my map, a defence around the team buildings on each side and 4 section buildings around the map.


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