Task 2: Write a Report

The main software that i am using to create my game is cinema 4D, Photoshop, Illustrator and Unreal Engine 4. With Cinema 4D i made the environment, characters and weapons. the main tools i used were the Bridge tool, extrude inner/outer, i also used simple primitive shapes like the cube, sphere, Torus and cylinder. For my concept art i made them by using Photoshop and illustrator. The tools that i used were Pen tool (Illustrator), magic wand (Photoshop) and magic eraser (Photoshop). The program that i using to code the game is Unreal Engine 4. You code it by using blue prints which will tell the object which you add into the game what to do.

I chose cinema 4D to model my game because it was really simple and also we had teachers that knew how to use the program a lot better then us, so i thought they would be able to help me. It also has a variety of tools that i can use to create things like weapons, environments, animations. It is also really good for texturing.

Cinema 4D Strengths: Cinema 4D is really good for the variety of tools that you can use, e.g if you wanted to make a building and don’t want to create too many objects at a time, all you would have to do is make it an editable object by pressing C, then just right click and press Extrude  and then you can make things like windows.

Cinema 4D Limitations: If you want to render a scene/environment and you have a lot of things in it, it will take a long time to render unless you have payed about £1000+ for a graphics card.

Cinema 4D compared to other programs such as 3Ds Max and Maya is really good, Maya and 3Ds Max are only for 3D modelling but in cinema 4D you are able to do a lot more like: animation and video editing, but the only bad thing about it is that it is worth a lot more then the other programs because of all the tools that you use. The bad thing about it is that it can barely handle a high poly count model and would take a really long time to render with a high poly count, but it can also reduce the poly count to make the render faster.

The Export options for Cinema 4D: 3D Studio, Alembic, Allplan, CINEMA 4D XML, Collada 1.4, Collada 1.5, Direct 3D, DFX, FBX, Illustrator, RIB, STL,  VRML 2 and Wavefront obj.

There have been times where i think that my models and environment haven’t been good enough because of the poly count, then i kept on changing my models and got really frustrated because what i would like in my game would take far too long to render out because we have a hand in date so i wont be able to make a photo realistic game but other then that Cinema 4D has worked really well for me and i haven’t had any other problems.


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