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Shape Wars


The beast of a First person shooter











All work by Sam Swift


Written by Sam Swift


Version # 1.00


Date:  07/12/2016




You are a bunch of shapes battling it out to become the best shape there are other shapes in the way who also want to be the best sometimes you must work as a team.

Game Overview




Philosophical point #1


This game is trying to make people more aware of the environment around them, and think more about how you are going plan a tactic and use it against the community. The reason why I am making a game like this because it will help with people’s confidence because the will need to communicate a lot if they want to win.  Fundamentally I am trying to achieve something that has never been achieved before because it would be really boring to have the same type of FPS repeatedly. Also, it will be fun and hopefully people won’t hate each other if they do something wrong.


What Platform (i.e. iOS Android, PC etc.) #2


Our game will run on a multitude of devices such as PC, XBOX, PlayStation. I am only releasing the game on these platforms because they are the most popular platforms in the world right now. The operating system that this game will be running on PC is Windows only, the reason for this is because if you wanted a Mac to run these types of games you will need to pay £1000+, but if you wanted to play it on windows you will only have to pay £350+.


Common Questions


What is the game?


My game is a Multiplayer 3D FPS (First Person Shooter). In the environment, it will be based in a desert where you will be in a team of 5 trying to kill the other team of 5 which will be a bunch of online players that you won’t know. There will be objects in the way because if it was point blank then it will be too easy but that is what this game is not about. You will start in your bases and that base will start at 100% health but it is not as easy as it is to kill a player, the player will also start at 100% health but they won’t take long to kill or the game will take ages to win. There are 5 rounds each game and it is best out of 5 to win. There are no vehicles yet because of the time that I have, to make the game.

Why create this game?


The reason why I want to create this game is because I always wanted to make a FPS game that I can control, because I always think of new ideas that can be useful for games like Counterstrike and Battlefield, most games like that now don’t really care about what the community think and they just add things in that would force the players to pay for money if they wanted to win. I want to make a game that the community wants (not the whole game just assets).


Where does the game take place?


This game takes place on a desert somewhere in Dubai, the map is having a few building sections, a castle defense, 2 bases for each team and a connecter part in the middle where 2 teams will collide in battle.


What do I control?


You control the 3 main characters who are called Rusher, Assault and Medic. The controls to move your character will be ASDW: A=move left, S=move backwards, D=move right and W=move forward. You will not be able to aim down sight because I want the game to be more about your skill, if you have a sight it really doesn’t take too much skill to get a headshot, but you will get a crosshair because otherwise it will be impossible to get a kill. To change weapons, you will use the numbers or the scroll wheel: 1=primary weapon, 2=secondary weapon, 3=medical kit/ammo kit/grenade.

What is the focus?


In my game the main objective is to destroy the enemy the enemy base but first you’re going to have to destroy their defense which is a huge castle. In the middle of the game mode there will be a sandstorm, then during the sandstorm there will be drops such as an ammo drop and medical kit drop for each team, because it will be unfair if 1 team got all the drops and the other team didn’t (The blue team won’t be able to get the red team drops and the red team won’t be able to get the blue team drops).


What’s the unique selling point about this game?


This game is different because when you level up you don’t get better equipment because then it will just be annoying to the people who just got the game compared to the people  who don’t have enough time to level up and get the good weapons, I made this system this way because I want people to have the full experience strait away, so that the game isn’t time consuming because I hated that myself when played the games that involved leveling up to get the good equipment. I made the level design to be a bit more competitive and suitable to the game mode. If requested by the community I will happily add more game modes, characters, specials and maps but for now I will keep it this way.



Feature Set


General Features


Medium size map

Real time online players

3D graphics

64 bit colours


First Person Shooter


3 main characters

Pick ups

Leveling up system







First Persons Shooter


Shooting enemy’s

Destroying bases

Collecting Pick ups

Healing other players

Giving other players ammo

Talking in game

Throwing grenades





The Game World




The game world is in a desert with a lot of areas where you can hide from enemy’s, there are 4 sets of building sections where players can hide around corners. There are 2 sets of bases, one for team blue and the other for team red, the base has a defense around the main buildings, which if the team has the same colour of the door, only they can enter it.


World Feature #1


Defense: This is what each team would have to destroy if they wanted to get into the main base. This is unique because not many First-Person Shooters have this type of game mode, but they do have the original Team Death Match, Search and destroy, demolition, domination and free-for-all.


World Feature #2


Sand Storm: The main reason why I would like to add this feature is because not many online multiplayer games have weather changing in their system, this will be difficult to make but it will be a cool thing to add and give players a difficult time in the game because you can’t make the game easy or it will just be really dull. The sand storm will happen during the middle of the match just to give the players a harder time while they look for the drops.

The Physical World




In the physical world, you will be able to destroy bases and destroy the defense. When you destroy, them it will have a crumbling animation then it will say YOU WIN once you have destroyed the enemy teams base. You can go inside the base, connector, building sections and defense.


Key Locations


The key locations are: Connector, building sections around the map, defense, and finally the base. Each team has their own bases and defense and they are the same because I don’t want one team to have an advantage over the other team because I want the game to be purely about skill and how people can make good use of what they have got.




In this world, the players will be traveling by foot without vehicles. This is mainly because I don’t have the skill and time to model any vehicles. The players will be able to sprint but only for a certain amount of time because I want this game to be realistic. You will also be able to climb ladders because there are ladders in the base and section buildings. When the sand storm hits your player, movement will slow down.




My map isn’t that big compared to games like GTA 5 and WATCH DOGS because it’s only purpose is to destroy the other teams base so I made it a small map. The map that I can compare it to is Dust 2 in a game called Counter-Strike Global Offensive, my map is only a little bit bigger but with less objects in it.





The objects that can be found in this world are boxes, walls, ladders, roofs, buildings, stairs, medical kits, gun ammo and medical kits. Some of these objects you will only find during the sandstorm in the middle of the game.





Normally the weather will be sunny and dry, but when the sand storm hit in the middle of the game the weather will just be windy and sandy because there will be sand particles flying everywhere.




The World Layout




World Layout Detail #


This could be a drawing with annotations in your sketchbook if this part of the page is not big enough.




Game Characters




Creating a Character


I created my characters by using the programs photoshop and adobe illustrator. On the program, Illustrator I mainly used the pen tool to trace around the weapons and pickups because it was the easiest way to draw around a picture and make it accurate as possible rather than doing it free hand which is difficult and more time consuming. I am going to model my characters by using cinema 4d and animate them. Before I started drawing them on the computer I sketched out each part that I was going to draw to make it a lot better to know what I’m drawing.


User Interface

User Interface Detail #1









Musical Scores and Sound Effects



For my music, I would like it to be in the game menu, then when you play the game it would have some music every time you start the match. I would also like there to be Victory music if someone wins the round, but if you lose there will be sad music. The games that I can compare this to is Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Battlefield and Call of Duty because they have the same type of music that I would like to have in my game.


Sound Effects


The sound effects that I am going to have are explosions (for when the building and the grenade blows up), AK47 gun shots sound, UMP-45 gunshot sound, Revolver gunshot sounds, Brownie pistol gunshot sound all reloading sound, particle sound effect, sand storm sound effect. I am going to make these sound effects by using objects around the house and record different sounds I make.









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