Pre-production is where you start to plan and design your game, so things like designing your characters (concept art) and planning what is going to be in your game e.g. Synopsis, Main character and game objectives. In pre-production you can also design and plan what is going to be in your in game, you also have to do the narration and voice actors. You also have to make sure you follow the rules so if you use someone else’s music and sound effects e.g if you take a pat of a sound from someones YouTube video you will have to ask for the owners permission to use it or you can be sued for copyrite or you wont be able to release your game.

The production that I am thinking of doing is a game. My game that i am doing is called Shape Wars. The game objective is to destroy the enemy teams before they destroy yours. The main characters in my game are 3D shapes: Assault which can only use AK-S and revolver, Medic which only has a medical kit and a pistol and Rusher who uses a ump with a pistol. Also in my game you will have to destroy the defenses first before you can get into the main base to win the game.

The only props that I am using for my game are drums for simple beats for dramatic effect for when something interesting is going to happen. For my sound affects I’m going to test out many objects and hit them against other objects to make the appropriate sound effect for my game.

The equipment that I am going to need are: PC, Mouse, keyboard,  Camera (I have my phone for that) I might need a green screen for some of my character animation. I will also need a Microphone to record my sound effects and maybe voice acting. If I am going to use a green screen i will need a tripod.

The people that i will need are my college tutors to teach me how to use programs like Cinema 4D, Photoshop and Illustrator. I will also will find the teachers in college because they are there to teach us how to use the right programs that we are going to be using.

The materials that I am going to need are sounds, music, Photoshop graphics, Cinema 4D graphics, Illustrator graphics. I will be able to download these programs online so I can create all of my graphics and all of  my main menus. For my sound I will make it my self using equipment around me to make the sound effect, I will also  use a Microphone to record the sound so i can edit it in the program.

The time that we have to do our work is around 3 months to finish our assignments which is enough time but it is really difficult to make the work look really good because its my first time using 3d programs such as cinema 4d and maybe Blender, I have also never made my own sound effects or produced my own music so I think I will have to make that a priority during our break to learn how to do it or i will not have time. I will have a diary so that I can make sure that i will hand in my work on time.

I wont be using any locations for my game because its a made up location so i can be a lot more creative with what I am going to be adding into my environment. I am most likely going to be creating my game inside college because that’s where most of the teachers will be so I can get as much help as I can if I am stuck on my project.

The paper work that I will need are: story boards, maybe scripts, production schedules so my work will be handed in on time, documents of screenshot on how I made my game, the final graphics of my finished concept designs, mood boards, research, target audience and reports.

The code of practice that I need to be aware of is mainly copyright because I know that my game isn’t offensive even though you are shooting you are killing shapes not humans or animals. It also wont have any copyrite because I have added my own little twist to my weapons and I will also make my own music and sound effects.



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