Motion graphics report

Motion Graphics: This is a form of animation where you get simple objects and animate them normally they are in intros/ outtros and if there is text in the middle of a game, they are also in adverts so they can catch the peoples attention. This also creates an illusion of motion and rotation.

James Bond film intro 

This intro has a lot of awesome motion graphics that goes really well for a film because of the timing with the movement and the sound effects. As soon as the guy shoots the gun you can hear the effect also every time he steps the circle around the guy moves to the left with the beat, when the blood moves down the screen its really smooth and affective because it is showing that the character has killed you. The shading of the parts around the circle makes it look like you are looking through something and it gives it a lot of depth so it can make it look 3D. The frame rate isn’t that high because the movements are smooth but you can tell that the circle moves from one place to the other it teleports and you don’t really need many frames for that. At 0.7 seconds the text starts shaking because the music is shaky not just one note. The font is bold and white with a black background so it makes it a lot easier to see the text.

The art style of this intro is photo realistic because of the smooth movements of the man walking then aiming at the camera. They also had a real person walk down and aim the gun or it would be realistic and it would also make the motion graphics look a bit more smooth. The James Bond intro was originally made 1962-2006 so they didn’t really have good software and sound quality to make it look good in the 19th Century so they couldn’t really do much editing it was mainly using hands to move the images but in 2006+ there are a lot more ways to animate so they can make the frame rate a lot more smoother, if you had a program to animate now it is a lot easier to delete parts of the animation but back then you will just have to get rid of the whole drawing and re draw it which is more time consuming.

Some of the technological issues are that if when they put the final work together in 1962 when the first James Bond film was out they would have to do a celluloid process where they would do the animation in layers and put them on top of each other, when they would put the animation together most of the time they would find a frame out of place and it would make the animation weird and not as smooth as it could be so if that happens they would have to delete the video and start again because they didn’t have any software where they can edit the stop motion at a specific point, so it was a lot more time consuming back then then it is now.

Monsters Inc. intro

In the first part of the intro where it says Walt Disney the font is bald in white so that you can see it with the blue background, also the font size is really big so that people can see that is the company name and where it says pictures its not as important as the company’s name so they made it a lot smaller but big enough to see its apart of the title. The castle is apart of the logo so they made it small and put it behind the text, they also made it look 3D with the shading in certain places, they also made the top of the castle blue but they made it a lighter blue so they can see it in front of the background. In the Pixar scene they have made the lamp a character but it is still motion graphics because they have made it apart of the text which is the letter I, when the light moves the shadow at the bottom moves in the direction of the light which gives it more of a 3D affect.

The transition to the next scene the random shapes just appear then a exclamation mark pops up on its own in yellow so that it stands out so that it is easier to look at because it if it was black you wont be able see it because the background is black. Also when they added the doors in to the intro its meant to symbolise the doors in the main film and how the characters went inside the doors to scare the children, also the doors would lay up in a row and come one by one and the stop motion intro has shown them. The motion graphics also fit in with the sound as well to make it a lot better and smoother, also the lines on the shape are and drawn to make the primitive shape look like it is a more abstract art style.  All of the random shapes at the start end up being a part of the door which i thought was clever because it is one of the main objects in the film.

When the door opens you see sports equipment in there which are obviously abstract because of the primitive shapes but they are also children’s toys which also goes with the film. The door at 0:25 when it starts moving it looks like it has characteristics of a person because the way that it moves then jumps, also you can see that the frame rate is really high because of how smooth the animation is when the door moves. Also i like the part when the doors all line up in a row and open like a Mexican wave and then in in text it says Walt Disney pictures to remind the people who made the film like they are trying to promote them selves by doing all of this impressive stop motion.



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