Sound Proposal

Synopsis. The sound that I will be using in my game is my own version of the Resident Evil soundtrack. The reason that I am doing this is because I really want the creepy sound that would scare my target audience. The sound effects that I am going to have will be natural and intense because even though they will be expecting it they will be scared.
Objective. I want the people to be scared of the animation but still want to buy the product it is based on which is Resident Evil. The main genre is horror so some of the sound affects I will want them to be sudden and loud because the audience won’t be expecting it and they will jump. I also want them to buy the product so the sound needs to be perfectly timed with the animation to make it smoother and creepier.
Structure. I am going to get my sounds from the environment around me because there are so many ways you can get a sound affect e.g. if I hit a pencil on my desk or against a certain piece of wood I can get an affect to make it sound like a gunshot if I edit it a bit in a sound software. The main sound software that I am going to use is Adobe audition. I would use Logic pro x but I am not able to get that because I only have windows pc.
Constraints The only constraints that I am worried about is copyright because for the soundtrack I am using a few parts of the Resident evil soundtrack because it fits in really well with the product that I am making a trailer for which is the resident evil game so I have to edit the sound track so much that it doesn’t get involved in copy right. Also the sound effects I have to make sure where I get them from is not trespassing any private properties.
Visual Design. I am not looking to make this a gory trailer because of the fact that it is an 8bit game because of how old the game is. The sound however will be 12 bit because that element will make it sound creepier because that is what the target audience would want. The target audience that I am going for is 18+ because that is the age rating of the game product. The target audience will also like horror.
Technical Specifications. I am going to record the sound digitally because it is the easiest way to record and also I don’t have any analogue recording devices. The bit rate that I am going to record at is 12 because the quality is allot better than if I were to do it at 8 bit but then I might do 8 bit for the zombies and death animation because it will remind people that I am making this trailer for the original game.
Delivery. 24th March 2017 is the hand in date for this project.

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