Task One – Essay

Types of research

Quantitative: This is a method of research where objective measurements and the statistics analysis of data are put into poles and surveys. The advantages of this type of research is that you can get good responses to a specific type of topic e.g. if you wanted to see what target audience your game was that you are creating, you can make a survey or a pole and then put it on multiple game forums and base your target audience on the results.

The picture on the left is an example of a survey about games, this has mainly multiple choice questions at the start and towards the end, towards the bottom of the survey it mainly asks for your input on the type of question, e.g. would you like to see this game remastered and why?.

The picture on the right is called a poll. This is where people normally ask questions about a particular subject e.g. who would you want to be elected as president? Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump, then after you choose it would say the percentage out of 100 of people who chosen.

Qualitative:  This type of research is a primary exploration. This is a way to understand reasons and opinions instead of using surveys and polls to get statistics. This type of research helps get ideas and hypotheses for quantitative research. The advantages of this type of research is that when you gain the statistics from surveys you will be able to find out their opinions and reasons for why they have chosen that answer, also it helps us get a better understanding of what target audience you are aiming for. The disadvantages of this type of research is that it is generally more time consuming, its not as easy to generalize, this is also difficult to compare.

Methods of research 

Primary research: This is new research that is carried out to answer specific types of questions or hypotheses. This can include questionnaires, surveys and interviews by yourself or in small groups of people. If you are in a small group the research will be a lot better and also you will have a lot more of it. Also if you are by yourself you still get a lot more research then secondary research, the research is also a lot more specific.  The disadvantages of this method of research are: they could be expensive depending how many people you ask to do the research or what the subject you are researching, this is also time consuming because the time required to do research is very long compared to secondary research.

Secondary research: This involves the summary of existing research rather than primary research, in which data is collected from e.g. research subjects from experiments. This type of research is also described as the most widely used method for data collection. The advantages of this type of research are: It isn’t time consuming unlike primary research, This type of research is low cost because you don’t need many people to do it, It is also a clarification of a research question, It may answer the research question as well, It may show difficulties in conducting primary research. The disadvantages of this type of research are: the quality of the research is not that good, Its incomplete information,  It may have little or no relevance to the current situation. This is not specific to the researchers needs.

These methods can be useful to my game trailer because i can right surveys so i can figure out what my target audience is going to be.

Purposes of Research

Audience Research: The purpose of this type of research is to gather information about the audiences attitudes, knowledge, interests, preferences or behaviors with respect to prevent issues. The advantages of this are, Stereotypical interests by age are easy to identify, you can easily design a game that would suit specific interests and values, for lifestyle people may find that they can relate to a game. The disadvantages are: categorising by age means you need to change certain content within it, graphics can completely put somebody off a game if its about something they are not interested in.

Market Research: This purpose of research is to gather information about consumers needs and preferences. The advantages of this purpose of research is that you can get specific bits of information such as what genre a certain game is or how many people like a particular part of a game (you can get these bits of information by uploading surveys or polls onto game forums). The disadvantage of this purpose of research is that it is more time consuming because you will have to wait for responses for other people and that could either be a month or a few days.

Production Research: This research is always needed when developing a new product. It is research to help give information on the characteristics of the product. It focuses on how a product is made. The disadvantages of this research is that it is time consuming because you have to learn how to make the product. The advantages of this research is that it helps you understand on how your product is made and you will be able to make it without worrying about the copyright law.






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