Task 3 b report Unit 3

Market and audience research 

The target audience with my game trailer will be 18+ because of how photo realistic I am trying to make it look. From the answers that I got it was mostly men aged 16-18 that liked to play horror and survival game genres which is positive because that fits in with the game that I am doing which is Resident Evil. My potential competitors will be games like Doom, Call of Duty Modern Warfare remastered because they are the same typical first person shooter and Bioshock which was remastered on PS4, the reason why I compared these games as a competitor is because Bioshock and Call of Duty were remastered onto the new consoles, which is what I am making my trailer more live action then 2d animation to have the more photo realistic feel.

For my trailer I added some eary music for the intro and a heart beat for every time the scene changes, the reason I did this was so it can add suspense and to remind them that its and 18+ horror rated game so they expect something scary. I also achieved this by adding some blood from when the zombies head explodes. Also on the main first live action scene I faded in and out some text which said not “real gameplay”, this is to inform the viewers that the graphical look is not going to look exactly like this and to remind them that the scenes are not going to be in the game, so that they will not be disappointed if they don’t see it.

Production Research

The main resources that i need are things like After Affects, I would use this to create animation e.g character movement and special effects, I also need a PC, so I can download software like After Affects, Photoshop, Illustrator. The other things that I will need are sound recorders so I will have my phone to record sounds. Also I will need a camera so that I can record my live action. I might need voice actors to record my zombie noises and maybe heavy breathing. I will also need logic pro X so I can edit my sound effects.

  • Based on the research carried out what is your rationale for your trailer and marketing strategy? (500 words approx)

For my trailer the main age range is 18-20 year old males that prefer horror games so my trailer ratings are going to be 18+. This allows me to add blood and detail to my characters because it is what the target audience wants. Also in my survey they mainly said that they play the games more than 5 hours a day so in my trailer I can add more features of what the game has in store for example all the different items you can collect and all of the different game modes there are. My survey also says that people mainly find adverts on Twitch and YouTube so I thought that this is a good opportunity for me to post it on all social media so I can get the best possible results.

Also I might as well see if I can get my trailer as a banner on the side of buses and bus stops mainly because sometimes teenagers don’t want to start driving so they take buses, also if they are driving the only they are going to see buses on the way up to their location so they will see it either way. I can also go around asking people to watch my trailer and ask for feedback from them after. The other option is to have little figures of the game characters and ask places like McDonald’s to sponsor them and advertise them through their happy meals as toys.

I can also make a website to sell merchandise to do with my trailer so things like: Tops, shoes, hats, hoodies, mugs etc. I could also ask popular game apps to sponsor my trailer by putting it as an add in the free versions of their games/apps. Another way that I could market my trail is by asking the cinema company to show my trailer before popular films.



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