How did you come about with the idea for your animation?

For my ideas I just looked around my house and looked for what I could do for my live action. So I knew what type of genre my animation was which is Horror/survival, so I looked for creepy parts around my house, after that I thought what time of the day to record, since the most creepy and eary time of the day was night time I decided to do it at night but not too late so you can actually see what’s going on in the animation.

For my intro i had the Resident Evil logo and rated 18 logo appear, but then I thought it would be cool to have a zombie walking across the screen, getting shot, then black screen twice with a heart beat sound to make it a bit more dramatic, then the logo’s appearing after the last heart beat.


Did you think about the target audience whilst planning and creating your animation?

When I was creating my animation I knew that the age rating was 18+, so I instantly thought that since it is an 18+ horror game trailer then maybe I can add a bit of blood and gore because that is what I would want. I also knew that Resident Evil was a 3rd person game but i decided to make the trailer a First Person side stroller which is what most of the games these days have. The target audience mostly likes good graphical games, so I decided to make the graphics style photo realistic, so the detailed character designs and live action backgrounds will easily make it more realistic and every time a zombie got shot blood will come out just like it would in real life.

For the sound track I wanted it to be really eary and intense which fits in with the horror genre, in most of the horror games/films to make it scary the music normally starts off quiet then gets louder and louder which build up suspense then something happens which normally scares people unless they are already expecting it, after considering this I decided to apply this to my animation.


I found the feedback really helpful, most of the feedback was really positive. Overall the score I got was 145/200 which I am happy about there was also a verity of feedback that was positive or helpful that could possibly help me for the next time I do an animation. One of my favorite comment was “Dramatic intro/ eary music to accompany it”. This was my favorite because it was what I was going for the dramatic suspense in the intro so that the audience are instantly going to know what the trailer genre is going for, you cant say that the genre is horror if there is just going to be comedy in it.

Aesthetic Qualities: Here my feedback was mainly positive. The feedback that most people gave me was “The visuals was very good” I found this helpful because it helps me know what I need to improve for next time. Someone also mentioned the zombie in my intro and said “The zombie was really creepy” I liked this comment because it shows that I managed to do what I wanted to do.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 10.23.53

Technical quality: Here my feedback was really helpful one of the comments was “The animation and effects were good but try and make it a lot more smother” This was helpful mainly because it lets me know that I should work on how smooth it looks. I found it really time consuming, also I found that I kept on rushing this animation because I had so many problems. One guy also gave me an example off when the zombies head explodes.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 11.10.35

Motion Graphics: This was also really helpful feedback one of the comments were “The motion graphics were very good but you should’ve added a bit more” This is also what I was struggling to do because of how time consuming the animating was. Also it was my first year using this to create a project so most of my time was spent learning the program after affects, this is mainly because of how little time I had the animation. Another person said that “The Zombie smashing was a good effect”.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 11.28.11

Sound: The feedback on this one were also very helpful, one person said “The sound effects and soundtrack was very creepy and on point to the animation”, I like this comment mainly because this is what I was aiming for. Next time I make another animation, I will try and add more sound effects and upload them with high quality.

Narrative/Story: The feedback on this was also mainly positive but most of the comments said “The animation could’ve been longer” and also one of the comments mentioned that “The last scene when you shoot the zombie, this could’ve been longer”, I also agree with the second comment because I found it difficult since this is my first year on After Affects so I couldn’t find the time to learn how to do more effects and animation.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 11.52.46

What I thought about the animation 

I felt that my animation went really well, It didn’t go as well as I wanted it to in my head but since It was my first year properly using After Affects to make an animation, I was really proud of it. I do wish that I had more time to make it more smooth and longer then 1 minute, so I can improve the narrative. For the sound I did end up having to take some sounds of the internet, but I did go into Logic Pro X and heavily edit them just so I had my own input on them because they were impossible to make, everything I tried sounded nothing like the original thing.


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  1. Your evaluation, whilst in-depth and self reflective, only briefly touches upon the audience feedback you received. To improve, you need to draw further comparissons to this, and reflect upon it when discussing your own thoughts (breaking the audience feedback down into individual sections). You should also consider adding some reference images to illustrate your evaluation.


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