How I made my animation


Screenshot 1.PNG

This is the main intro composition where I put all of the comps/ images in the Project.

Screenshot 3.PNG

This is how I made the zombie shatter effect, to make this all I did was I went to the effects and presets section and dragged the shatter effect onto the zombie image and adjusted the settings.

Screenshot 4.PNG

These are the main settings for how I made the head shatter.

Screenshot 5.PNG

This is the zombie falling scene where the zombie gets shot, then the head blows off and blood comes out.

Inventory scene

Screenshot 6.PNG

This is my inventory scene, the main key frames I used were Opacity, and position, then I just messed with the spacing of them so that they are on time with the animation movement.

Binocular scene

Screenshot 7.PNG

This is the main composition on how I made my binocular scene. All i did was do the position of the binoculars and move it right to left and then got all the zombies and made them parent to the live action so they would stay in one place.

Clock scene

Screenshot 8.PNG

For this scene I made the hands of the clock rotate 12 times in 2 seconds and had the sound of the clock ticking in time with the hands rotation, I also move the anchor point to the bottom of the hand.

Dead scene

Screenshot 9.PNG

All I did for this scene was that I got the black boxes just below the “D” to slowly move down to make it look like the blood was dripping down.

Blink scene

Screenshot 10.PNG

All I did with this scene was that i added feather to the edge of the boxes to make it look like eye lashes. Then I positioned the boxes to slowly close in a few times.

Sniper scene

Screenshot 11.PNG

For this scene I made the zombie that got shot and added a shatter effect to make it look like the head was blown off then I added a particle affect to make it look like there was blood coming out.



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