Task 1 report: Unit 7

Valve company

There are many things that Valve own. They are an independent company that owns there own games, platforms and engines. All the games are made and owned by Valve, but the platform engines are owned by other companies which are subsidiaries of Valve. Valve also us Steam which is the platform to publish all of there games that they have made which is the most popular platform out so far. The games that they have made they used their own engine which is owned by and called Source.

Valve is horizontally integrated, we know this because there are 3 companies Valve (owner of all of them), Steam (owner of the platform) and finally Source (the owner of the engine where valve make their games), all of these companies are connected and owned by one company valve. The company structure is a bit different to other independent companies, the reason for this is because it is quite a small company and boss free.

The customers of Valve are usually gamers across the world, the biggest product that they have sold is Counter-strike:Global Offensive, so this tells us that the customers mainly like first person shooters is 18+, but the problem with it is from my experience playing this game, is that there are way too many people that are to young to play this game e.g 14 and under.

The main competitors of Valve are Blizzard who made Over watch which is one of the most soled game in 2016. This game is also a first person shooter which can take most of the customers from Valve which are mainly fps based games. Also I think Uplay and  Origin could be a competitor because of the platforms are almost as popular as steam, they have games such as Assassins Creed and Battlefield 1.

Since Valve have have no bosses for their company, that allows the staff to work on what they choose and what’s best for the community rather then the company. This also gets rid of all the conflict between the staff and managers which could effect the product and what the community would think of the company, if they had managers that didn’t care about anything else but money. The fact that they have there own engine and platform is really good because they don’t have to worry about copyright and they can update it at any time if they have any problems, the only thing bad about this is that, the peoples patience will have a bad effect on them if they wait to long, the public will just move on and go to another platform or game. Also this company is quite a small independent company so it takes longer to produce but could be better quality.

There are only 7 senior staff and 2 managers, there hasn’t been any recent members joining that are senior and manager so that is why it is a small independent company, there is only 2 managers so it is basically a manager free company, its a unique way of doing things.









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