Task 2 Ethical & legal constraints within the media sector

The legal and ethical constraints with gaming are:

Legal: An example of a legal constrain is copyright, its against the law to take a game and just completely copy the mechanics an the game structure, but that is only if it has been trade marked. Another thing that is a constraint is Pegi ratings, a good example is that if that they ask you to have a 13+ rated game you rant allowed too much blood and gore in the game.

Ethical: There are many ethical constraints, an example of one is that in a game you can’t be racist, or say something offensive to a particular group of people because it could cause so many people to be offended and if they are offended they wouldn’t pay for your game.

Codes of practice for the gaming industry

For the gaming industry you are expected to do your work on time, the right file management, have the right time management e.g get into work on time, make a schedule for when you do your assignments, hand the work in on the same time it says on the brief, do your work as the brief says or your boss won’t accept it.

The relevant constraints that I considered while I was making my animation was considering the age rating, so while I was making the zombie I knew that I could make it a lot more detailed and gory. Also because of this I knew I wasn’t going to make it kid friendly so I decided to add a bit off blood for when the zombie got shot. I also made the music really creepy. For the copyright law I took some images but I traced over them and added to it so it wasn’t an exact copy.

Breaches of Conduct

The breaches of conduct, this is where a company in the gaming industry has completely ignored the laws, for example a game called The Punisher, this was mainly for ethical reasons because of how brutal the game was at the time, however the game wasn’t completely banned but only heavily modified. Another game that was similar was Mortal Combat because of how detailed the fighting was in that game, if you were to do a finishing move it will have an X-ray vision over the body while seeing the parts getting crushed. The last example of a game that was banned is Manhunt 2, this is mainly because you are this character going around killing anyone you choose.


The copyright law is if a big company e.g EA has a game that is really popular and they have payed for trade mark. If someone comes a long and completely copy the game mechanics and the objective of the game, then they can be sued and fined a lot of money, after the fine they will also have their game completely banned. This law is extremely important to know because if you get caught doing this your whole career is over.

Libel law

This is when you are talking really badly about a company, your allowed to be critical but you aren’t allowed to constantly talk badly of them especially on a review e.g Valve banned a game publisher for saying.


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