Task 3 Regulation of the media sector Unit 7

  • Why is the media sector regulated?

The media sector is relegated because otherwise there will be so many problems such as, there will be too many arguments on copyright, there will be a lot of libel. An example of a media sector is BBFC which do age rating for film, PEGI which do age ratings for games, PCC which are the rules called the editors for the code of practice.

  • What are the key issues affecting media producers and consumers?

There are many key issues that concern producers and consumers and they are: Monopolies, censorship, censorship is really important mainly because if you don’t censor your game to be appropriate for the waiting assigned by PEGI your game will either be banned or you can modify it so it can be ethically be accepted.

  • What is a monopoly?

A monopoly is where a market structure is characterised by one seller, this seller is selling a unique product into the market, in this particular market the seller has no competition. He/she is the main seller of goods with no close substitute.

  • Why is it important to ensure that no single media producer in the UK has a monopoly?

It is very important that we do not have a monopoly in the UK mainly because if you have one seller who has the most control it will be unfair for the other competitors to have equal competition, also if you have a monopoly in the UK the prices will be higher for something that is not good quality. This is really bad for the consumers because there is less of a product and also it will cost a lot more then it should at a competitive market. Thats why it’s important to have a competitive market in the UK so there is more of a product and it is a lot cheaper.

  • Why is consumer choice important?

A consumers chose in the market is more important because if they are not using the products then there will be no one to sell your product to, also if the consumer is mainly buying other products that is how a monopoly will start to form, the prices will go up and there will be less products there to buy and also less competition.

  • What is regulation?

Regulation is where companies are not able to add certain things to there products such as in the media sector there are such things as PEGI, BBFC which regulate age restrictions to certain parts of the media e.g PEGI only do age ratings for games and BBFC only do age ratings for films.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of regulation?

The advantages of regulation are that it doesn’t get people offended and stops things like copyright and piracy. The disadvantages of regulation are that it stops companies from being as creative as they like e.g if they wanted a photorealistic game but its only rated 12+ they aren’t allowed to add blood or any realistic life situations like brutal death. this is why games like Manhunt 2 were banned.

  • What regulatory issues apply in your creative media sector?

The things that regulate issues that apply to my media sector are things like PEGI, this is the main regulation that will be able to ruin a whole plan for a game idea. It is the most important thing to consider also because if you make a game to a certain genre e.g if you do a game in the horror genre it will most likely to be a 16+ rated because of all the violence, blood and maybe strong language.

  • How does the regulatory body enforce its regulatory powers?

PEGI: This regulatory body enforce there powers by using age ratings to stop people adding anything offensive to an ethnic society, they could also add things that could encourage kids to act a certain way which could either be really bad or really good, so that is why age ratings are really important and it splits the bad and the good apart.

  • How do regulation and deregulation affect media production, distribution and audience choice?

Regulation: If you had a certain genre it can choose how old your audience is going to be e.g if you wanted to make a football game it is mainly going to be a 7+ this will differ the audience so it can be kids who are 13 or adults who are 25.

deregulation: This effects the audiences choose by if they keep on moving the industries around the audience wouldn’t know what to choose.


  • Produce a case study of regulation being enforced within your sector.

Manhunt 2: This game was banned in the UK as soon as it came out, this is because PEGI saw how bad the game was influencing people that murder was ok, another reason is because of how detailed and brutal this game became when you were killing your enemies

  • What are the consequences of not adhering to the regulator’s rules and codes of practice?

The main consequences if you do not apply to the regulators rules and codes of practice are that you could possibly be fired or suspended from your job. You could also get a fine depending on what regulator you don’t follow.


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