Task 4 Unit 7

Career Portfolio 

  •  A glossary of employment terms

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  • Identify a range of employment opportunities and job roles, from entry level jobs to senior roles.

Job Roles list: Animator, Game developer, Sound producer, Game designer, Level designer, 3D Modeller, Character designer.

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here are a list of the jobs that a company called Valve who are an independent country expect you to do. Valve also have no bosses to tell you what to to do.

  • Explain the pros and cons of the work available

Pros: There are many opportunities available for our work in the media sector, also there are many companies that will pay you a lot of money to do the thing you love, there is a lot of competition in this sector so that it will open up a lot more opportunities so you can create products like games, animations, sound and 3D Models. Depending on what level you are performing at, you could get a high salary.

Cons: The main cons to this sector is that you have to be in certain places to get the certain job role e.g I live in Devon and there aren’t many opportunities for me to be working in the big companies in my local area however there are still ways you can work for them online but that is very unlikely since there is so much competition when it comes to companies like EA and Ubisoft.

  • Explain how job roles overlap and interact

Job roles can overlap and interact by: If you were a 3D Modeller you might need to have some sort of skills to do with animation so it makes the animators who only know after affects a lot easier if you do the modelling part in Cinema 4D because then they will be able to take it into after affects and add some special effects etc.

  • List the range of skills required for the job roles identified

Time management, File management, Communication skills, Organisation skills, Team work, Independence, Cinema 4d skills, Animation, sound creation, art, creativity.

  • Provide examples of the jobs you have found with a brief description of where you found them, what the job entails and what skills you personally will need to develop to obtain such jobs.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 09.49.29

All I searched for was game developer jobs in google. The main website that I was on is:


The skills that are needed for this job are CCS, HTML, Javascript and WordPress. You will need a good understanding of all these particular skill sets to get a job at this place, you can either join full time or part time in my case I would join it part time, the payment is £25,000-£30,000 per annum. The area that this job is at is Edgware.

  • Identify education or training needed for each job. What type of professional development would need to be undertaken for these jobs? Provide examples of where to access Continued Professional Development.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 10.18.40

For the training you need to do to be able too actually have these skills you can go to things like specific college courses that show you have these skills, it normally goes from a pass to a distinction and the higher grade you get the more higher grade you get the more it shows how much training and skill you’ve had. Normally a level 3 course is 2 years. If you do an all rounder course it shows that you are more likely to know Photoshop, Illustrator which are the main programs you need to be a Level designer. There is also Apprenterships that you can do which is similar but you also get paid while you learn.


Identify different types of working lifestyles (part-time, full-time, temporary, hourly paid etc) and write about the advantages and disadvantages for each.

Full time: This is basically when someone puts there full effort into one job and instead of working a few hours per day they work the whole day. The advantages of this is that you can get paid a lot depending on the job and also you will be able to improve your skill. The disadvantages is that if you get paid less then it is kind of a waist of time if you work for more then one year.

Part time: This is where someone works only a few shifts a day and the don’t put there full energy into it, also they can have more then one job or a college course. An advantage of this is that it makes it easier to concentrate on other things while you are making money. The disadvantage of this is that you get paid less money then you would if you worked full time.

Hourly paid: This is where an employee only gets paid hourly for their service. The advantage is if you are very young this will be a good and easy way to make spending money because you don’t have to pay rent, the disadvantage is that you won’t get paid as much a you do with the other two.

SWOT analysis

Strengths: My strengths are that I am quite good at time management, file management, Adobe After affects, amok at Photoshop and Illustrator and team work.

Weaknesses: Im not that good on 3D modelling, Communication, organisation, planning, being confident while under pressure.

Opportunities: The opportunities I have from these skills are: Game Developer, Game designer, Level designer and animator.

Threats: My main threats are the people in my course that are looking to have a future in media.

£  Identify different types of working lifestyles (part-time, full-time, temporary, hourly paid etc) and write about the advantages and disadvantages for each

£  Identify professional behaviour required for working within the creative media industries and complete a SWOT analysis of your own professional development and professional behaviour. 


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