Task 5 Unit 7

  Sam Swift

 Ashakire Rise,

 Ridge Road,






Electronic Arts

Game Development

Onslow House, Onslow St, Guildford





 Dear Mr Smith

 I am very interested in becoming a game developer in your company, I found this on your main website and it caught my eye. I have been looking around other companies for a while now and finally have found my dream job. I have always wanted to work for this company. I am available to start work whenever it fits best for you but as a warning I am going to college after summer, so it would be better to work part time until I go onto the second year of my course.

I am very interested in this post because I’ve always wanted to work for a big company like yours, also I have enjoyed so many of your games and have had so many great ideas on how they can be more fun to play, this is the main reason why I want to be a game developer, to make something the community will remember and will enjoy.

My strengths are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Affects, and a basics of Cinema 4D, I also understand how to use Unreal Engine and a bit of coding, this will be an advantage to your company mainly because I know a bit of everything and can be adaptable for any situation, if you need someone to help on animating then Photoshop I will be able to do both, also I am still learning so if there is a problem that no one knows I will be able to look it up and fix it. I’ve had many problems with After Affects but I have learnt from my mistakes.

I am available whenever for an interview but if anything does happen I will let you know as soon as possible. Thank you for reading this letter and I will be looking forward to be hearing from you soon.

 Yours sincerely

Sam Swift


Sam Swift


Ashakire Rise, Ridge Road, Maidencombe, TQ1 4TD • 0738727567 • samswift1@live.co.uk



Personal statement

The career that I am aiming for is to be a game developer for a big company, if not my own company if I am lucky enough to get people at my standards to work with me. Right now I am at college doing a level 3 course in games and interaction where we learn all aspects on how to develop, design and make sounds for a game, also we are learning how to do research on your audience and how to do website design. You should consider my application because I am very hard working, I respect people, I will do any extra job offered to me if needed and I will always do my best.

Key Skills


  • Adobe After Affects
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Good at team work and Time management
  • Good at 3D Modelling
  • Good at sport e.g Football, Tennis, Cricket and golf
  • I have knowledge of a bit of coding
  • I have knowledge on how to create and design websites
  • Good at file management

Employment History

None yet


South Devon College/Trinity School

Trinity School = September 2005 – June 2015

South Devon College = September 2015 to date

GCSE/L2 diploma:

  • English – D
  • Mathematics – F
  • ICT – Distinction
  • Level 2 creative computing – Merit
  • Level 1 Mathematics – Pass
  • Level 1 French – Merit
  • Level 1 German – Distinction
  • I participated in the DofE
  • I have participated in the 2007 Judo Championship
  • I have participated in the six week course with Torquay United Football scheme
  • I have taken part in the ISA Athletics championship and came 1st
  • I have also taken part in a multi activity course at Skern Lodge
  • I was also a member of the Trinity School Football/Tennis team
  • I was a member of Shaldon Cricket club team
  • I was also a member of Kingsteignton football team
  • I was also a member of Torquay Golf Club


Hobbies & Interests

My hobbies and interests are that: I like to play video games, sport, design logos, model 3D objects, use game engines like Unreal engine 4. My main sports I like to play are football, Tennis, and table tennis. I also like to make some animations and gif’s for backgrounds or websites.

References available if required.

Job Role: Game developer 

Step 1:  Start to use the programs required for the job e.g Photoshop, After Affects and Cinema 4D.

Step 2: Watch YouTube tutorials on how to advance your techniques and learn short cuts in each program to make thing less time consuming.

Step 3: Start implementing all 3 programs and try and make one animation using assets you created using on Photoshop and Cinema 4D

Step 4: After that try making a sound track and effects on logic pro x and add it to your animation.

Final step: Get a group of people to watch your final piece and ask for feedback on what they like about it and how you can improve on it.



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