The process of production

  • Idea generation (brain storm, mood boards, scripts, sketches)
  • Market research
  • Job roles
  • Budget
  • Buying the equipment and software you need
  • Deside on what assets you need to make or the location
  • Get clearance on the location
  • Trade mark you ideas
  • Clearance to start the production
  • Production
  • Clearance to finalise the production
  • Finalise production
  • Get clearance to publish
  • Publish

Job Roles for a game


  • 3D Modellers (Blender, Cinema 4D) This is where people model assets that are already designed.
  • 3D Animation (Cinema 4D, After Affects) This is where they animate models made by the 3d modellers.
  • 3D Environment designers (Photoshop, Illustrator) This is where
  • Sound production
  • Graphics designer
  • Voice actor

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