Task 2 Production




pannel 1pannel 2pannel 3.1scene 4scene 5scene6scene7pannel 1scene10

back cover.png

Book mockup

Hardcover Book MockUp

Perspective Spread

The process of my production

1st step

I made all my character and assets on Illustrator, I used mainly the pen tool and traced around the original image that I have already drew out. after that I highlighted it then clicked on live paint. This made me able to  paint certain sections that don’t have any paths getting in the way. After that I have just selected the colour on the reference image to get the colours to look a like and just added them on.


2nd steP

After I have made everything on Illustrator I moved it all to Photoshop to place it all together e.g pannel 3.1

In this scene I drew the car, person and the 3d view of the bridge in Illustrator then imported it all into Photoshop and put them all together. The effects that I did were: I added an inner shadow for the bridge and car, for the speech bubble I added a stroke on the outside and made the colour blue. For the shadow on the person, I duplicated the layer and added a colour overlay effect and made the colour black, after that I used the transform tool (cmd+t for mac) (ctrl+t for windows), after that I made the opacity for the shadow around 60%.

I’m only showing how I did one scene because I did the same technique for everything apart from the scene with the bullet where I added motion blur and did the brush tool for the smoke, so apart from that I did everything the same.

Image manipulation

For this I used a graphics tablet to draw the car scene because I found it difficult and time consuming to draw it using a mouse.

Risk assessment

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 14.31.33


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