I think that the graphic narrative I did ended up well. I did struggle with the script and story line a bit since at the start I had no idea what to do. I did some research on graphic novels, comic books etc and finally decided to do a series of stories based on 2 families. One family was based in America, I made it a bit stereotypical since the guy had a pistol and the family based in Japan had the fighting style that had 2 swords. I found it difficult to get the position of the background to match the pose of the characters, so I went onto cinema 4D and I modelled the bridge and downloaded a full body character and positioned it and then traced it on Illustrator.

When I was doing character concepts for my narrative, I did some target audience research and found out that there wasn’t many comic books like my idea so I decided to have a look at graphic novels, since my story would be one of many different ones that are linked to the 2 families in this one I decided it would be best to do it in a graphic novel form so I can do 2 or more stories in one book, so like the ending at the start then a flashback through out the book and then it goes back to the start like a circle. Also the age range I decided was 16+ because of the violence.

I think my designs are fit for purpose since you can tell which character is from which family, as I said this before I based this on stereo types from other countries. Also I made the character outline colour correspond to the characters families. Also I made it so the Blue character is the one that I want the reader to think is the protagonist since he is the one looking out for revenge and the fact that he is blue makes it seem that he is the good guy in this story, but you don’t know why the red character killed the blue characters family member e.g he could have killed them to save an innocent person. I made it this way so people have to be open minded through out the story.

I decided at the beginning of creating this story to about half way in the story have it so the characters will have this armer which boosts the power and defence but about half way in creating the narrative, it was almost the deadline day because the detail I put in the scenes before took way too long to do, so I decided just to scrap this idea and just do a few scenes without it so I can finish the story and still put the detail into the more important scenes.

The end product didn’t look like how I would’ve like it to look but I am still happy of how most of the detail turned out to be. I do feel like I could have improved on how the characters looked because I found it really difficult to find the right pose for the scene and make it look exactly how the original character is meant to be. I did a survey for the people who saw my presentation and what my final product looks like, and here are the results:

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I made all my character and assets on Illustrator, I used mainly the pen tool and traced around the original image that I have already drew out. after that I highlighted it then clicked on live paint. This made me able to  paint certain sections that don’t have any paths getting in the way. After that I have just selected the colour on the reference image to get the colours to look a like and just added them on.

Illustrator then imported it all into Photoshop and put them all together. The effects that I did were: I added an inner shadow for the bridge and car, for the speech bubble I added a stroke on the outside and made the colour blue. For the shadow on the person, I duplicated the layer and added a colour overlay effect and made the colour black, after that I used the transform tool (cmd+t for mac) (ctrl+t for windows), after that I made the opacity for the shadow around 60%.

I think I managed my time well but I also think I could’ve of managed it better, I spent way too much time on the detail rather then how it would fit the story. I managed to hand it all in on the deadline day but I think I could’ve added in more If I just spent more time at the beginning I would’ve been able to finish every thing early and at the end I could’ve added more detail also. I also didn’t change anything while I was making it, only added 2 scenes from my story board.

There aren’t any narrative theories that fit with my graphic novel which make the story line unique. However there are similar storylines but I have done it a different way then most people. The thing that I would change to my graphic narrative is the way the story is presented, I made it so its just a fighting scene so if someone was to read it they wouldn’t be able understand what is going on, if I had more time on it, I would of had it so the story was actually explained in the book but that is what I found difficult to do.


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