Task 1: Target audience for Cargo Destroyer

My target audience is mainly going to be for ages 18+. This is mainly based on the fact that the game has a lot of violence and bad language. I will leave out the bad language in my trailer mainly because if parents are trying to watch it past 9 because of the water-shed, they wouldn’t have to turn of the TV. The game target audience will be based on the game Player Unknown Battle Grounds (PUBG). The way that PUBG got there audience is through streamers, and that is one of the main ways I am going to do it e.g pro players from Counter Strike: Global Offensive like Shroud played the game for one day and the played count went up at least a few 1000 then 10,000 by the end of the week. The huge fan base of these streamers played a huge part to the 2,000,000+ people that play the game daily now. The game was just fully released so they have had a really successful early access, these are the reasons why I chose PUBG’s market as my own.

Player Unknown Battle Grounds trailer

The PC trailer starts of with the blue hole logo to tell everyone that they are the company that owns and made the game, then it has a lot of short cut scenes of the map, weapons and character. This game is really photo realistic, The bridges in this game are more triangular shaped which explains why from my experience of this game is where all of the fights happen because you mainly have someone waiting at the end where the edge of the circle is in the map and people have to cross the bridge to get to the zone on time so its a good tactic if you want easy kills and good loot for the final fight. One of the main theories that this game fits well with is Ludology because people mainly bought this game for how realistic the graphics are and also the in game mechanics. There is a bit of good narrative in the game which is being the last person alive while keeping in the white circle.

My game Cargo Destroyer is mainly going to be based on Ludology, mainly because it’s what my target audience will want. Nowadays in games like call of duty people never base how they like the game on the campaign but how the multi-player can affect the game play. Game play now is mainly judged on how animation works with the mechanics in the game e.g. the reload animation responds as soon as you press the button that you chose to reload. My game does have a bit of a story, you will be put into a lobby and it will be a 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4, 5vs5, 6vs6, 10vs10, there will be a casual and competitive option where you can play for fun or be serious like have an overall rank e.g silver, gold, platinum, then you will have your rank in GB if your from gb and also your global rank. there will only be 1 map out for competitive but maybe more in future updates. In the main game your target is to destroy all 5 cargo ships, instead of having rounds for each cargo ship it will be each game that will be 10 minutes long. Each game will have different parts to it like a choice in the lobby to parachute down or go by a boat.

My game trailer will be a bit like this reveal trailer. It will have a lot more cinematic’s and no gameplay since it will be a teaser trailer, so more close up scenes and just showing what it is going to look at and also introducing the game name, the company who made it and what I will use to render it out.  I will also be showing all the aspects of the game e.g. at the start of the trailer it will be a close up of a character doing the hand signal to where they are running, then a close up of the soldiers feet running past a puddle.

With my trailer I will make sure that I will consider all of the legal and ethical issues that a game can cause. The first thing that I will consider before putting all my effort into making it is that I have to make sure none of it is copyrighting any other game e.g. The game title will have to be unique, different but playable game mechanics, my own music and sound effects, my own models unless i pay to use permission for other models. If I am really struggling I also have the option to sell my idea to a company that has a render farm and that are good game developers.

I also have to consider all of the ethical issues that might occur. I will have to make sure I don’t offend any gender, race or religion e.g. I have to make genders equal and not have any sign of male dominance, I can do this by in multiplayer I can have 2 different character customisation like have a choice between male and female and also have different race options so people can change the skin colour to any shades of black and white. Some games have completely made up races so they can’t offend anyone. I will also make my game so it won’t have too many bad words and phrases. I also won’t reference anything racist or against any religious beliefs. Also I am making sure its not going to be anything offensive against different countries e.g. have the defenders the other country and the attackers the good guys which are my own country, I will not be biased at all.

Primary research




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