Unit 51: task 1 – presentation

presentation task 1 unit 61


Slide 2 – Colour theory


  • Say about the colours correspond with people’s feelings and sometimes helps with telling what they need to do e.g. red on the stop sign helps people see that there if you don’t stop there will be danger up ahead
  • Next say about with the colour yellow it can be a message for warning people that there is danger ahead, the lifeguard jackets can be red orange or yellow for this reason.


Slide 3-4 – Composition


  • Say the definition of the composition and then say that there are many different principles for composition
  • After that mention the principles then go through them one by one with an example
  • After that talk about the images and how each one of them works with the image


Slide 5-6 – Audience


  • Get up both website links
  • Say the age rating and who they are targeting
  • Say what works well with the websites and how it is good for their target audience
  • Say what is bad for the website
  • Look at the navigation, see if it is responsive and easy to use.
  • Say how easy it is to use and how beneficial it is for their target audience
  • Then do the next website


Slide 7-8 – Technology


  • Talk about animation and how it can be made
  • Talk about how you can make it with what software e.g. Puppet tool, key framing, green screen
  • Talk about how you can use these techniques to create things like movies and games
  • Next talk about Special effects, what it is and how you can use it
  • Talk about how video mapping is a common type of special effect
  • After that play the YouTube



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