Unit 61: task 2


stimulus, eg client brief, own brief; client communication, eg meeting notes, recording responses to questioning; final specification

I have a brief to make a interactive narrative where I am advancing from the first stage in a competition which was originally to make a graphic narrative where the next part is to get that graphic narrative and turn it into something interactive e.g a game, story and app. Since my graphic narrative is already story based I am going to make it a story, but instead of having just a boring beginning, middle and end story. I am going to make it so the person reading has to control the characters path which will hook the reader. The first step is to plan what we are going to make, so I have to write out things like brainstorms, mood boards, colour pallets and wire frames. The next step is to draw out sketches of our main characters and other assets that will be involved in our graphic narratives. After the planning is all done I will go into Adobe After Affects to do some animations that will make the reader feel more involved with the graphic narrative. Next I will put all my scenes into Unity and use the plugin called Fungus to make the interactive part.

Creative thinking skills

brainstorming; mind maps; storyboards; creative problem-solving tools, eg attribute listing, morphological analysis, SWOT

Colour Pallet

Mood Boards

The pictures are based on existing narratives and examples on how they can be displayed as interactive. It can be created as a game, I am publishing my interactive narrative online using a website in the same style of my graphic novel. I will also be using animation to make the scenes look alive rather then just still boring pictures. I added the interactive menu into the mood board because I thought of another way you can publish it, that is when you go into the comic book shop or say WH Smiths there will be a interactive devise where you can see comic books as a little short animation or use it for trailers.

Colour Pallet

The colours in this colour pallet are type of colours that I am going to use in my interactive narrative. At the end of the graphic narrative

Brain Storm

  • Website: Domains, Wix, WordPress, Dreamweaver
  • Game console: Xbox, Playstation, Nintendon DS
  • Game platform: Steam, Origin, Ubisoft
  • Programs: After Affects, Cinema 4D, Unity, Dreamweaver
  • Plugins: Fungus
  • Advertisement: YouTube, Book stores, Busses and Bus stops, Game shops
  • The person can choose the path of the story
  • Animation with transitions instead of characters


Story page

Story page.png

Synopsis page

Synopsis page.png

Characters Page 

So far there are only 2 main characters in this series so every time you hover over the “characters”



Planning techniques

layout, eg sketches, storyboards, wireframes, script; information architecture; visual style; colour palettes; typography; workflow (shortcuts, working between programmes, efficient time management); deadlines (production milestones); management tools

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 13.39.43pistol holder 2main-charactersWeaponscbf35d6c064798e938995839bec770ab--power-armor-sci-fi-armor9mm_pistol

The last 2 images are the images that I used as inspiration for the artwork of my characters. At first I was just going to do stickmen but then I decide to make there arms and bodies thicker to give them more of a human form so I turned it into Red vs Blue, this was mainly because I couldn’t think of 2 different family names that were easy to remember so I thought that the current name is the best option for me. It is also a good way for me to have a unique art style for my graphics narrative instead of doing something thats really photorealistic which you might as well be watching a film. I also had the idea of adding amor into it but it will take way too long to animate, since I have a deadline for this project its not worth doing.

Background design for interactive

The background that I am using is just a simple black and white

Final Product


Testing 0-0.39


I found making this interactive narrative really difficult at first but after learning it it became really easy, I also had a lot of fun making the animations on the scenes. I made the animations using adobe after affects which I didn’t have any issue doing at all. The main issue that I had was when I tried to get my animation into Unity and to get it to play at the right time. In the end I decided to not make the website, this was mainly because I couldn’t upload the app file to play at the right time. I had so many errors with the buttons not working one day then the next day it would work fine. Nothing went wrong with the testing apart from a bit of freezing but that is because of the Mac that I was using.


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