Task 2: Case study for Player Unknown Battle Grounds.

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About the game

The textures of Player Unknown Battle Grounds are photo realistic, the colour vibrancy is low compared to games like H1Z1 where its high to give it that kind of arcade style so it can be unique. This game has very realistic sound effects, when something is very far away the sounds are quiet but as the player or object gets closer to you the sounds get louder and louder. Also the game has 3d sound so you can pin point where the sound is exactly which is helpful when you are outside and you can hear an enemy in the building. The fact that this game is such a photo realistic shooter they have made the age rating an 18+ because of the blood when you shoot, other battle royal games like Fortnite are only 13+ because its more of an arcade type of game because when you kill someone they just fade.

Skins and game extras 

The players represent random people in games wear different types of clothing, the game is about random people being chucked into an island to fight for survival so having people wear random clothes mixed in with weapons and army back packs is a good look and makes it feel more realistic. It also gives people an opportunity to go all out, so they can customise their clothes which gives it the optimal experience of being there as the character instead of with the character.The game also has crates which has different clothing that has different rarities?; blue, green, purple and red, this is in order to show how rare the item is, the more rare, the more expensive it is.

Map creation   

Image result for pubg original map

The map is the original map which the scale of the map is huge, this is mainly because the lobby can go up to 100 people that are scattered around it. It is mixed with urban and Forrest environments. The cities can be massive or up to 4 houses, it also has farms and a military base at the bottom of it. Once you’ve landed on the ground and picked up your loot the idea is to find a car as soon as possible, if you are unlucky where you cant find a car and far away from the zone you might as well leave because you will spend most of the game running to the zone and then dying because you were a few seconds off. If you manage to find a car the best thing is to hide it somewhere you will remember and start looting again to upgrade to level 2 or 3. A lot of people just play it safe and go strait for the car and head for the zone then start looting.

The island has 3 different parts which are connected up by bridges, the most common places for people to go is the middle section and the bottom section. The island shapes are circular which gives out that the island is the innocent one and that people are the more violent and aggressive which seem to carry triangular shapes (guns) to destroy each other to take away the islands innocence.

Target audience  

This game is 18+ rated because of how photo realistic, It is at an affordable price of £26.99 which is a lot cheaper compared to games like call of duty which is around £40 for a new disk. This game is mainly male dominant but there are still a lot of females out there that are playing. There are a lot of people streaming on different servers not just twitch e.g. I keep on seeing people stream on Facebook and YouTube. On those 2 websites the max amount of views i see are only up to 10,000 views. It’s not a lot of views compared to twitch which can go up to 100k.

This game wasn’t really well known until a few streamers started playing it. Streamers like Shroud, Summit, Dr Disrespect and Ninja are really well known streamers for gaming. They have all played games like Counter strike Global Offensive, H1Z1, and are currently streaming Fortnite. Two of the streamer Shroud and Summit are well known in the Counter strike community for being professionals. This has converted players from Counter strike over to PUBG and is one of the main reasons why it has over 1.5 million players a day. Counter strike is a really old game and people from that game have been looking for a new game to play for ages and PUBG is a really good alternative.

The game was released on March 2017 as early access until 20th December when they fully released the game plus the second desert map. There were at least 4 million people rushing online to play this new update. There were so many server reports of bugs, sudden FPS drops and everyone dropping at once at the same town.

This is where it is believed by some people that the game that you play depending on how much you play it, will have an effect on your behaviour in the outside world e.g. the Bobo doll is a Doll that people can hit it if the get annoyed kind of like a stress ball, on the video you’ve got a child hitting the doll brutally in anger or just in a play fighting way. In my opinion in the long term it can have a mental problem in the child where they start eventually taking their anger out on actual people. This would mainly be because the doll is in a shape of a human form and the children could get used to hitting it and become more emotionless when hitting a human.


Another argument could be that the child could be in a constant state of stress due to their environment. Their parents could be constantly arguing and hitting each other which to the child would mean it is ok.

This could be a problem with Player Unknown battlegrounds mainly because of how there are so many ways that the game shows violence e.g. there are many weapons that you can choose and attachments, you can also punch people do death which I guess if you are mentally unstable it would send you the wrong message but that happens 5% of the time but in my opinion if your child is vulnerable to these types of things it’s the parents fault for not keeping an eye on them rather than the games fault. The game can also make people feel angry which could affect their mood and how they treat people badly just because they lost a game.  If a child under the age rating.


This means that people use media to get away from their social problems. Media such as Films and games are over time the main source of entertainment that allows them to do this. This could also have a bad impact on their social life e.g. if you played an online game for ages and longer then what your parents said you can do. This will create more problems than get rid of them which is why it’s known to be a bad thing. Depending on their environment children sometimes change their lifestyle to what the game says is good or cool. It can be a good thing if the game is used as a learning tool but not if the game is about gangs and street violence e.g. GTA.


For Player Unknown Battlegrounds it’s not as bad as games like GTA and Mafia. In my opinion I think that it’s mainly because the whole game is based on Battle Royale which is really difficult to replicate in real life. There have been YouTube spoofs on what it would be like if a situation in the game in a real life view but apart from that the worst thing that has occurred, so like braking expensive equipment to swearing or shouting back at your parents because they told you to get off.


It could also have a negative like fighting with your brother or friend, or buying bb guns and pretending that you’re in the same situation as the game.


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