Unit 66 Task 3


For my 3d modelling I found it really difficult to get the curves of the ship to look perfect, This was because I had so many random polygons on the primitive shape that I started of with they kept on flipping and it also kept on messing up the texturing, this was really time consuming and frustrating. The ship looked good in the end but a bit off in size but over all I like the way it turned out to be. The sea texture was the ting that I was the most proud of , this is because I got it to look realistic which is the idea of my game. I definitely  could’ve done a lot more time on it and in the future I know I will spend more time on it instead of just rushing it. I also could’ve planned how I was going to make it so it wouldn’t have been as time consuming as it was.

For the trailer and all of the cinematic’s this is the part where I thought it was a lot easier then 3d meddling, this is mainly because I have more fun animating then modelling. It is also a lot less precise then extruding and moving polygons, also a lot less went wrong for me, I didn’t have to spend way too much time doing one thing. If i had a lot more time I would’ve added 3d models of characters running around the ship and little cut scenes of them shooting each other. It was really frustrating to do because every time i added more than 1 clip the program would slow down and my pc would slow down too, every time i tried to render a cut scene or get a sound effect i would take way too much time to do.

The thing that I would work on next time if i were to do this again are:

plan the animation better: For the planning I didn’t put too much detail into what I wanted to do so when I got to actually making the animation/3d models, I ended up winging it and obviously from what iv’e learnt is that it’s the worst thing you can possibly do. This is because when I had the problems I didn’t have a plan b where i can just easily change to instead I ended up with in my opinion that the start of the animation was good, then about half way through you can tell that it’s rushed and that I spent barely any time on.

Over all everything could’ve been done a lot better if I had the right equipment and if I spent the right time and effort on this project, I have some parts that I am proud of doing like the cargo ship and the sea but there are still improvements that I definitely can implement. I will also make sure I have a more detailed and thorough plan that will make it a lot easier and more efficient.



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