Assignment 1 – Working as a Freelancer

Identify your chosen specialism

Chosen specialism: Graphics designer, After Affects animation.                                              Roles: Logo design, banner design, Intro’s for YouTube, Maybe trailers.

I have chosen to do these because I find using programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and After Affects really enjoyable to work with. Its a lot easier to use then the other career option that I had which was 3D Modelling. This was really difficult to do, while I did have some fun on the programs, but when I had a problem it was really irritating       to find and fix it. The reason why I put Maybe trailers is because I might work on animating trailers

Identify the type (and range) of work undertaken within that specialism

The different types of work that I will be doing are things like Graphics design, Logo’s for other companies, Banners for events, business cards for local companies. I will be using mainly adobe software to create these products e.g Photoshop, Illustrator and In Design.

Identify types of contract and contracting processes 

The contracts that I will be doing with other companies are more free lance so they will give me a brief of things I will need to design and once Iv’e done them I will go and meet them personally because that way it is easier to contact rather then waiting for an email which is also really unreliable. After that I will make sure I get paid upfront or they don’t get the product or I could be waiting years for my payment. If that doesn’t go to plan I will start entering competition briefs which allows me to have a fluent work flow.

Identify tax, national insurance and other legal obligations

If I am going free lance I won’t be paying any tax because I don’t earn a a specific amount of money over the year. However in the legal section I will have to worry about things like Copyright law for so I must make sure that I don’t copy anyone else’s work and also once I make my own product that sells I have to trade mark it so that no one else can copy that style of work which will make mine more unique.

Identify health and safety considerations relevant to that specialism

I will have to do risk assessments maybe at least once a week so I don’t gain any back pains or have any problems with my eyes. I can do this by getting suitable chairs, having my monitor about head height so I don’t have to move around too much. Also I have to make sure that I take breaks every hour so my eyes can rest. This will also help get rid of stress.


Equipment Budget plan

Budget for equipment.JPG

Business Plan


Executive summary



1.1 Business summary: This business is a company that does graphics design e.g. logo’s, banners and also prints them for you for a certain price





1.2 Business aims: We aim to be the company that people go, to make their graphics, animations, logos, banners and any other request involving graphics that is affordable.





1.3 Financial summary: I would take a gap year, then get a decent job and try and earn about £7.50 an hour, then I will work for about a year and save up, if I don’t have enough I will either take another year and work or just take a loan depending on if I can pay them back by the end of the year. Then the next thing I will do is by an office space for my company in a local area and start working on it.  



Elevator Pitch



1.4 Your business name: Swift Design





1.5 Strapline: We make it, you own it


Owner’s background



2.1 Why do you want to run your own business?


I want to make my own business because I won’t have to work for anyone or have the fear of being fired for a stupid reason. I want things to be done my way so I can be proud of the work if it becomes successful it will be unique. I have always wanted my own business where I can take control rather than being told what to do or struggle finding work as a free-lancer.





2.2 Previous work experience:


I have worked at a coffee house cleaning dishes and serving people. Also I have 3 years college working on programs designed for this type of work.





2.3 Qualifications and education:


Level 2 Creative Computing 1 year


Level 3 Games and Interactive 2 years


Distinction ICT



2.4 Training:

Adobe suit training course 2 years


Digital Marketing course 1 year


Business 1 year     




2.5 Hobbies and interests:


Football, Tennis, Gaming, Illustration, Graphics Design, Video Editing

Products and services



3.1 What are you going to sell?


 a product

 a service




3.2 Describe the basic product/service you are going to sell:


Business card, Logo, Banners, Printing any other graphics + animatio


3.3 Describe the different types of product/service you are going to be selling:


Same as above



3.4 If you are not going to sell all your products/services at the start of your business, explain why not and when you will start selling them:


At the start of my business I am planning to set up a portfolio and a video on what the company is about and then try and get a decent work flow. After I’ve got a decent work flow and got some recognition nationally not just locally, then I might start making things like texture packs, templates and animation presets and sell them.


The market



4.1 Are your customers:







4.2 Describe your typical customer:


Our customers are people who have only just thought of their business and are looking for someone to design logos and banners for them and don’t have enough money to pay for the software yet.    




4.3 Where are your customers based?


At the start the customers will be online or locally but then depending on how successful it is I am hoping for it to be nationally




4.4 What prompts your customers to buy your product/service?


They should buy from my company because we are good at communicating with our customers, we won’t complain about what you want us to make, we will make it in a short amount of time and we will give you helpful tips on how you can improve your company to show that we care about the customers and not just the money.



4.5 What factors help your customers choose which business to buy from?


There are many services that we can provide our customers whereas some companies only provide a few of our sections. We also respond to you as soon as possible and instead of just making one version we will make three or four.



4.6 Have you sold products/services to customers already?






4.7 Have you got customers waiting to buy your product/service?










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