Unit 14, Task 3

Company name: Swift Designs



Business card: 


Business card front


Business card back

Website landing page: 

website landing page.png


graphics design cv.png



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Charlotte – Sam’s advertising materials are all very consistent, there are no doubt about that. I love the logo especially the industrial looking font, this ties in well the the colour scheme as a whole, black and gold looks old and rusty just like the font. I also love the feature of the bird as that represents the ‘Swift’ in ‘Swift Designs’, an easy to remember symbol. The website is very clear and would be easy to control and work around if on it in reality. The advertisements on there are good, the only fault would be the light grey text in the middle of the page which is hard to read, as it blends in with the background. The C.V isn’t consistent with the rest of the materials, but that’s alright because he wouldn’t be using his C.V with clients only to employers, so it’s a separate thing. Although I do like this colour scheme as well, it’s nice and bright. The only faults I can spot here would be the text looks bit squished and the age indication in the top corner of the page. C.V’s shouldn’t have your age on because of age discrimination. With the portfolio, Sam is showing off his best work and you can see the time and effort that he puts into it, with a similar style throughout his work.

Sam – I actually really like the design for all your marketing strategies, I love the consistency throughout. Having seen your preliminary designs, I am glad you took my advice and used some more assets and make the design better quality.

I do wish your Business card had more on it though, just having one contact isn’t enough, maybe add the URL for your website to it.

All in all the designs are very nicely presented and very consistent, but maybe the CV could be light bit different, the header doesn’t match the backgrounds for the website or card.

I think I am suitable for this type of work because I am always thinking about what I can do better what to add to my work. I can also use these programs fluently: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and After Affects. In the client feedback Charlotte and Sam said that the designs are really consistent, this is a skill that I practice so I can get used to doing in the future, if I learn how to do it naturally I will be at an advantage to someone who didn’t make things consistent.  This is because companies want consistency with there products, this is to help people recognise them just by looking at the colour combination or logo. Sam also said about my CV being inconsistent, that is because I chose it to be separate so it didn’t limit my options for design mainly because it doesn’t need to be because of it being more personal and not apart of my company this is also what Charlotte put ” The C.V isn’t consistent with the rest of the materials, but that’s alright because he wouldn’t be using his C.V with clients only to employers, so it’s a separate thing.”. The one this that she said that was wrong with the CV was that I put my age on it. This is because people would be judging me by my age and if I was mature enough for the job. I feel I have the skills to take on a job role like this but sometimes for companies that is not enough to get the job.


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