Assignment 2 – Professional Development and Skills Maintenance Report

Map your current skills to the specialism

Chosen career: Graphics designer

Job: Graphics designer and digital marketer


Photoshop – 7

After Affects – 8

Illustrator – 6

InDesign – 6

Marketing – 7

teamwork – 8

Skills needed: 

Fluent in Photoshop

Fluent in Illustrator

Fluent in InDesign

Map your intended career pathway

After I have finished with this course and I have got the grades I needed I will pursue this career by going to Uni and finishing the 2 year course at South Devon Uni, after that I will be going to Plymouth to do my B.A degree so I can guarantee a decent job. I don’t want to own a company because it is so difficult for me to run and I would rather join one and not have so much stress so I can have some free time for things like Holliday. In the summer after I finish the course depending on how much free time I have, I might do some free lancing in graphics design to grow my reputation and to gain experience on designing to a high standard in a tight deadline situation. Im hoping when I’m around 35-40 years old I will be working in graphics design for a big company.

Assess and analyse your own professional development needs relating to skills base and

The first thing I need to do is get better at the software needed for my job e.g InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. I can do this by in my free time I can start practicing by getting up briefs from the internet that are all ready done and give myself a set date to do it by and if I don’t do it by then I will mark it as a fail and see what I can do better. For the workflow I will need make a website showing all of my best work and have a set price, start low then slowly raise the price up depending on how many people start demanding more work from me. I will also need to start upgrading my equipment and work space so I can work at a consistent pace while not worrying about anything going wrong. I will also need to improve my team work since I will be working in a company with a group of people so I can maybe start asking other designers that desire the same as me if they want to work on a few projects or maybe join a designer team for eSports.

Prepare a report on professional development and skills maintenance, undertake self assessment and analysis, write a report.

I think I will be good for this job role because I am always wanting to improve my skill set and be better then others. Although my skills are a currently a bit shaky now I still have so much time left to improve and I am still in education so I am still learning. I am sure by the time I get to finishing the uni course I will be ready to take on the job and now that I am a 100% sure that I want to be a graphics designer I know what I have to work on in the next few years. The main skills that I need to improve are Illustrator, InDesign and digital marketing. Im not to worried about the creativity aspect of the job but just doing all of the advanced techniques and remembering them without looking up a youtube tutorial so I will need to use these programs about 3 times a day so it will become muscle memory to me. I was planning to upgrade everything with money form my student loan because I don’t have to worry about the maintenance side because I will still be living with my parents since I am still in education. I will also have a job myself working the days that I have free to earn extra money just incase need to buy things like clothes and food.

When I am older and I have a stable income and working in a small company I will look to maybe buy a small house to live in or maybe an office space depending on the situation but it will have to be close to work so I can go in at any time. Right now to improve my skills I am doing something called thirty logo challenge where every day I am given a fake brief and I have by 12 o’clock the next day to finish and I have been doing it every day trying to get better ad Photoshop and Illustrator. I am also trying to get better at InDesign but its frustrating to get better at because theres notch I can use it for, so I don’t know where to start to practice.


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