Website — June 13, 2017


Website link:

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Apart from a few things my website went as well as i planned, I would’ve liked to add a lot more into it but the chooses were very limited because i was using WordPress. In WordPress my main problem was being able to choose the right theme, which allowed me to choose the right widgets, fonts or to have complete control for where everything went. Apart from all of that I think that my website went just as I planned, I didn’t add any social pages because I thought there is no point in making an email address and a Facebook and Twitter page.

On my first page there is a bottle animation for galleries, in the animation it has Antique glass bottles sliding a long with 2 bottles on the end smashing, then it has text coming up saying coming soon. I couldn’t have a drop down menu under the word galleries, this was mainly because the website theme didn’t have the option for me to add one. The bottle animation was really fun to make but a bit time consuming because I had to animate and get the perfect picture of the bottles which took me a while to find.

For the header I had to make it in after affects. This was because of the spinning wheel on the S in the logo, after that i put it in Photoshop so I can make the GIF a loop. I had to add this onto my website because on the original Mr.Bottles website it had the bottles animation and the spinning logo, these 2 reasons stood out and made the website look unique. The logo didn’t take me long at all to make because all I had to do was the rotation of the wheel on the S to twice continuously.

On the bottle cleaning page I just wanted to make it look simple but professional that’s why before the top 3 sentences I put a few ==, this was to make it stand out, so as soon as people clicked on that page it will be the first thing to look at. The main reason why I did this was because they are the most important words which explain on what that web page is about. There aren’t really any pictures on it because i didn’t really know what to add and there is a PDF file which takes you to a page and shows you how to clean your glass bottles.

On the contact us page there isn’t really much added onto it. It is just a form where you can send the company an email for help or feedback. On the About Us page there is’n also much added onto it, it just says what the website is all about and what they do. On the Need An Appraisal page it just has a picture of a antique bottle, and just text on how you can get an Appraisal for your Antique bottle. Also I added the == to space the paragraphs and make it stand out a bit more, it also gives it more of a unique feel to it.

Production planning for website — May 15, 2017

Production planning for website


Website Title

Who is the website for? 

Mr Bottles company

What is the website going to be about?

This website is about cleaning bottles. They have facts about people stories of being bottle collectors from when they first started or how they have given up bottle collecting.

Give a short description of all the pages of the website, what they will contain, and their relevance or benefit to the client

Galleries: This will contain: a header with a menu in the top middle, logo in the top left, the background will have a desk, when the page loads there will an animation, after the animation has happened the bottles that have to pages will smash and say coming soon. At the bottom of the page it will have a copy right disclaimer. Also the mobile will be similar with the logo in the middle.

Switzer: In the header this will contain a menu which is consistent throughout the pages, the logo will be in the top left, and there will a title saying “Switzer”, below that there will be a list of all the different Switzer bottles with a picture of it.

Medicine: In the header this will contain a menu which is consistent throughout the pages, the logo will be in the top left, and there will a title saying “Medicine”, below that there will be a list of all the different Medicine bottles with a picture of it. there will also be a copyright disclaimer. on both of these pages.

Bottle cleaner: There will be the menu at the top as always, in the middle there is going to be facts about bottle cleaning,  the logo will be in the top left, there will be social media links in the bottom left, and there will be a copyright disclaimer below the facts at the bottom of the page.

News: This will redirect you to the twitter news page where it will be updated.     

Need an appraisal: In the top left there will be a logo, in the top middle there will be a menu with buttons, in the middle page there will be text about the appraisal, PDF file for the appraisal, in the bottom left there will be social media links.

About us: The header will be consistent with the logo and menu, in the middle there will be a few lines of text telling you facts about the company and what they do, in the bottom left there will be social links, and in the bottom middle there will be a copyright disclaimer.

Contact us: The header will be consistent with the logo and menu, in the middle there will be your options that you will have to do to send them an email if you have any issues, in the bottom left there will be social links, and in the bottom middle there will be a copyright disclaimer.

Give an indication of the time schedule and when you hope to deliver the website by

The work will be handed in by the 21st of June 2017

 Mind map of ideas for the website

Mind map.png

The group who helped with the mind map:

Jake Bidemead

Sam Swift

Michael Sutherland

Steven Lake


Equipment needed to make the website 

Equipment needed website unit

equipment_needed <——– Editable link

Wire frame 

This is just a basic mock up of where thing are in my website going to be.

Desktop version pages

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I forgot to change some of the menu buttons. The original ones are: Galleries, Bottle Cleaner, Need an appraisal, About us and Contact us.

Mobile version page

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 14.50.14.png

Ipad version page

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 15.01.33.png

Client feedback 


Production schedule

Production schedule.PNG

Meeting Minutes

meeting minutes.PNG

Web Production Diary

Title of production: Website design

Name: Sam Swift

Day/Date: 26/05/17


This week I managed to get all the planning done for the website design including all the graphics made, also I’ve done all the text for the website. Next week I am planning to get most of the website finished e.g. header, footer, and animations added onto the website.

Graphics design



This is the bottle animation I made like on the main website.



all I did for this is add rotation to the spinning Circle. Just refresh the page for it to start spinning.


For the main title font

Capture 2.PNG

Text font but in white.

Capture 3.PNG


Old background.jpgBackround.pngDesk view.jpg

Folders screenshots 

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all of the text in the website I am keeping the same including some of the photos.

How I made my animation — May 14, 2017

How I made my animation


Screenshot 1.PNG

This is the main intro composition where I put all of the comps/ images in the Project.

Screenshot 3.PNG

This is how I made the zombie shatter effect, to make this all I did was I went to the effects and presets section and dragged the shatter effect onto the zombie image and adjusted the settings.

Screenshot 4.PNG

These are the main settings for how I made the head shatter.

Screenshot 5.PNG

This is the zombie falling scene where the zombie gets shot, then the head blows off and blood comes out.

Inventory scene

Screenshot 6.PNG

This is my inventory scene, the main key frames I used were Opacity, and position, then I just messed with the spacing of them so that they are on time with the animation movement.

Binocular scene

Screenshot 7.PNG

This is the main composition on how I made my binocular scene. All i did was do the position of the binoculars and move it right to left and then got all the zombies and made them parent to the live action so they would stay in one place.

Clock scene

Screenshot 8.PNG

For this scene I made the hands of the clock rotate 12 times in 2 seconds and had the sound of the clock ticking in time with the hands rotation, I also move the anchor point to the bottom of the hand.

Dead scene

Screenshot 9.PNG

All I did for this scene was that I got the black boxes just below the “D” to slowly move down to make it look like the blood was dripping down.

Blink scene

Screenshot 10.PNG

All I did with this scene was that i added feather to the edge of the boxes to make it look like eye lashes. Then I positioned the boxes to slowly close in a few times.

Sniper scene

Screenshot 11.PNG

For this scene I made the zombie that got shot and added a shatter effect to make it look like the head was blown off then I added a particle affect to make it look like there was blood coming out.


Evaluation — May 8, 2017


How did you come about with the idea for your animation?

For my ideas I just looked around my house and looked for what I could do for my live action. So I knew what type of genre my animation was which is Horror/survival, so I looked for creepy parts around my house, after that I thought what time of the day to record, since the most creepy and eary time of the day was night time I decided to do it at night but not too late so you can actually see what’s going on in the animation.

For my intro i had the Resident Evil logo and rated 18 logo appear, but then I thought it would be cool to have a zombie walking across the screen, getting shot, then black screen twice with a heart beat sound to make it a bit more dramatic, then the logo’s appearing after the last heart beat.


Did you think about the target audience whilst planning and creating your animation?

When I was creating my animation I knew that the age rating was 18+, so I instantly thought that since it is an 18+ horror game trailer then maybe I can add a bit of blood and gore because that is what I would want. I also knew that Resident Evil was a 3rd person game but i decided to make the trailer a First Person side stroller which is what most of the games these days have. The target audience mostly likes good graphical games, so I decided to make the graphics style photo realistic, so the detailed character designs and live action backgrounds will easily make it more realistic and every time a zombie got shot blood will come out just like it would in real life.

For the sound track I wanted it to be really eary and intense which fits in with the horror genre, in most of the horror games/films to make it scary the music normally starts off quiet then gets louder and louder which build up suspense then something happens which normally scares people unless they are already expecting it, after considering this I decided to apply this to my animation.


I found the feedback really helpful, most of the feedback was really positive. Overall the score I got was 145/200 which I am happy about there was also a verity of feedback that was positive or helpful that could possibly help me for the next time I do an animation. One of my favorite comment was “Dramatic intro/ eary music to accompany it”. This was my favorite because it was what I was going for the dramatic suspense in the intro so that the audience are instantly going to know what the trailer genre is going for, you cant say that the genre is horror if there is just going to be comedy in it.

Aesthetic Qualities: Here my feedback was mainly positive. The feedback that most people gave me was “The visuals was very good” I found this helpful because it helps me know what I need to improve for next time. Someone also mentioned the zombie in my intro and said “The zombie was really creepy” I liked this comment because it shows that I managed to do what I wanted to do.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 10.23.53

Technical quality: Here my feedback was really helpful one of the comments was “The animation and effects were good but try and make it a lot more smother” This was helpful mainly because it lets me know that I should work on how smooth it looks. I found it really time consuming, also I found that I kept on rushing this animation because I had so many problems. One guy also gave me an example off when the zombies head explodes.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 11.10.35

Motion Graphics: This was also really helpful feedback one of the comments were “The motion graphics were very good but you should’ve added a bit more” This is also what I was struggling to do because of how time consuming the animating was. Also it was my first year using this to create a project so most of my time was spent learning the program after affects, this is mainly because of how little time I had the animation. Another person said that “The Zombie smashing was a good effect”.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 11.28.11

Sound: The feedback on this one were also very helpful, one person said “The sound effects and soundtrack was very creepy and on point to the animation”, I like this comment mainly because this is what I was aiming for. Next time I make another animation, I will try and add more sound effects and upload them with high quality.

Narrative/Story: The feedback on this was also mainly positive but most of the comments said “The animation could’ve been longer” and also one of the comments mentioned that “The last scene when you shoot the zombie, this could’ve been longer”, I also agree with the second comment because I found it difficult since this is my first year on After Affects so I couldn’t find the time to learn how to do more effects and animation.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 11.52.46

What I thought about the animation 

I felt that my animation went really well, It didn’t go as well as I wanted it to in my head but since It was my first year properly using After Affects to make an animation, I was really proud of it. I do wish that I had more time to make it more smooth and longer then 1 minute, so I can improve the narrative. For the sound I did end up having to take some sounds of the internet, but I did go into Logic Pro X and heavily edit them just so I had my own input on them because they were impossible to make, everything I tried sounded nothing like the original thing.

Animation —
Presentation for animation — March 12, 2017
Task 2: Originate and Plan a Motion Graphics Sequence — February 24, 2017

Task 2: Originate and Plan a Motion Graphics Sequence


20e (1)

The game that I am doing my animation on is Resident Evil. The graphic style that I am going for is photo realistic. The reason for why I am going for this type of graphic style is because it looks so much better then the original game. The original game came out in  1996 and back then they didn’t really have good software’s to make the game and the animation smooth and realistic.

In the original game when they opened the doors it was a completely different scene so it was not that good, but now everything is made in one scene and the animations are smooth, now the camera angles are able to move with the player because we are able to make amazing graphics in 3D.



Panel 1


In this panel in 00:00 seconds there is just white screen and everything has 0% opacity, Then in 02:00 seconds the main resident evil logo changes from 0-100 opacity, then the reflection changes from 0-15% opacity in 02:00 seconds. After that at 02:00 seconds the zombie character appears and walks across the screen until 08:000 seconds. At 07:05 the 18+ logo appears from 0-100% opacity.

Panel 2


In this panel there is a black background at 08:01 seconds then at 10:00 seconds the text “Not real gameplay” shows up in the font Resident Evil in white, from 0-100% opacity.

Panel 3


In this panel there is a black background with a old clock, from 10:01 seconds to 13:50 seconds the hands of the clock go from 1 pm to 12 midnight rotating clockwise.

Panel 4  


In this panel at 13:51 it fades in to this scene where you are holding a sniper, you are also on a balcony where a bunch of zombies are slowly walking towards you.

Panel 5 


In this panel you are looking through the binoculars to get a better look at the zombies, because its dark the night vision in them will give you a better look at your target. From 13:53-14:50 seconds you move from left to right.

Panel 6


In this panel you are looking through the sniper scope so you can kill your target, from 14:50-15:00 you zoom in onto the zombies head and shoot him. After that  from 15:01-15:50 seconds you move from middle zombie to right zombie and do the same process.

Panel 7


In this panel you zoom out of the sniper scope from 15:50-16:20 seconds and the screen starts to change from 0-100% opacity from 16:20 to 18:00 seconds

Panel 8


In this panel the screen is black from 18:00-18.03 seconds.

Panel 9


In this panel it is the same process up to 20:00 seconds.

Panel 10


In this panel from 20:00-22:00 seconds the word dead appears from 0-100% opacity, after from 22:00 to 24:00 seconds blood starts to drip down.

Concept art 

These are a few concept ideas for the sniper model that I am going to use for the characters main weapon. The picture to the right is the cross hair that I am going to use for the sniper scope.

Zombie 1

Zombie 2

Zombie 3

Resident Evil logo

Residentevil-logo.svg20e (1)Untitled-1Resident_evil_series_logo 


Final assets for Resident evil animation

These are my final asset designs for my animation.

Zombie 1 final graphics 


Zombie 2 final graphics


Zombie 3 final graphics


Binocular final graphics



Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 22.57.04.png   sniperscopeX2.jpg



How I made Zombie 1


How I made zombie 2 

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 15.52.59.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-24 at 15.58.19.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-24 at 15.59.58.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-24 at 16.02.40.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-24 at 16.04.18.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-24 at 16.13.39.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-24 at 16.07.36.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-24 at 16.33.03.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-24 at 16.35.46.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-24 at 17.39.14.png

Mood Board

Moad board 1.JPG

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 23.15.26.pngmood boars.jpg

Mind Maps 




Unit 72: Computer Game Design — February 8, 2017

Unit 72: Computer Game Design

Task 2 – Planning and Generating Ideas

Grade: Pass

You have submitted a proposal, a brainstorm and some concept art, however, this is limited and shows only basic idea generation.

To achieve a higher grade, you need to include more concept artwork, experimenting with design variation and colour concepts. You also need to include some market research with justification for it’s relevance to your concept.

Motion graphics report — February 1, 2017

Motion graphics report

Motion Graphics: This is a form of animation where you get simple objects and animate them normally they are in intros/ outtros and if there is text in the middle of a game, they are also in adverts so they can catch the peoples attention. This also creates an illusion of motion and rotation.

James Bond film intro 

This intro has a lot of awesome motion graphics that goes really well for a film because of the timing with the movement and the sound effects. As soon as the guy shoots the gun you can hear the effect also every time he steps the circle around the guy moves to the left with the beat, when the blood moves down the screen its really smooth and affective because it is showing that the character has killed you. The shading of the parts around the circle makes it look like you are looking through something and it gives it a lot of depth so it can make it look 3D. The frame rate isn’t that high because the movements are smooth but you can tell that the circle moves from one place to the other it teleports and you don’t really need many frames for that. At 0.7 seconds the text starts shaking because the music is shaky not just one note. The font is bold and white with a black background so it makes it a lot easier to see the text.

The art style of this intro is photo realistic because of the smooth movements of the man walking then aiming at the camera. They also had a real person walk down and aim the gun or it would be realistic and it would also make the motion graphics look a bit more smooth. The James Bond intro was originally made 1962-2006 so they didn’t really have good software and sound quality to make it look good in the 19th Century so they couldn’t really do much editing it was mainly using hands to move the images but in 2006+ there are a lot more ways to animate so they can make the frame rate a lot more smoother, if you had a program to animate now it is a lot easier to delete parts of the animation but back then you will just have to get rid of the whole drawing and re draw it which is more time consuming.

Some of the technological issues are that if when they put the final work together in 1962 when the first James Bond film was out they would have to do a celluloid process where they would do the animation in layers and put them on top of each other, when they would put the animation together most of the time they would find a frame out of place and it would make the animation weird and not as smooth as it could be so if that happens they would have to delete the video and start again because they didn’t have any software where they can edit the stop motion at a specific point, so it was a lot more time consuming back then then it is now.

Monsters Inc. intro

In the first part of the intro where it says Walt Disney the font is bald in white so that you can see it with the blue background, also the font size is really big so that people can see that is the company name and where it says pictures its not as important as the company’s name so they made it a lot smaller but big enough to see its apart of the title. The castle is apart of the logo so they made it small and put it behind the text, they also made it look 3D with the shading in certain places, they also made the top of the castle blue but they made it a lighter blue so they can see it in front of the background. In the Pixar scene they have made the lamp a character but it is still motion graphics because they have made it apart of the text which is the letter I, when the light moves the shadow at the bottom moves in the direction of the light which gives it more of a 3D affect.

The transition to the next scene the random shapes just appear then a exclamation mark pops up on its own in yellow so that it stands out so that it is easier to look at because it if it was black you wont be able see it because the background is black. Also when they added the doors in to the intro its meant to symbolise the doors in the main film and how the characters went inside the doors to scare the children, also the doors would lay up in a row and come one by one and the stop motion intro has shown them. The motion graphics also fit in with the sound as well to make it a lot better and smoother, also the lines on the shape are and drawn to make the primitive shape look like it is a more abstract art style.  All of the random shapes at the start end up being a part of the door which i thought was clever because it is one of the main objects in the film.

When the door opens you see sports equipment in there which are obviously abstract because of the primitive shapes but they are also children’s toys which also goes with the film. The door at 0:25 when it starts moving it looks like it has characteristics of a person because the way that it moves then jumps, also you can see that the frame rate is really high because of how smooth the animation is when the door moves. Also i like the part when the doors all line up in a row and open like a Mexican wave and then in in text it says Walt Disney pictures to remind the people who made the film like they are trying to promote them selves by doing all of this impressive stop motion.


Game Document — December 7, 2016

Game Document







Design Document for:



Shape Wars


The beast of a First person shooter











All work by Sam Swift


Written by Sam Swift


Version # 1.00


Date:  07/12/2016




You are a bunch of shapes battling it out to become the best shape there are other shapes in the way who also want to be the best sometimes you must work as a team.

Game Overview




Philosophical point #1


This game is trying to make people more aware of the environment around them, and think more about how you are going plan a tactic and use it against the community. The reason why I am making a game like this because it will help with people’s confidence because the will need to communicate a lot if they want to win.  Fundamentally I am trying to achieve something that has never been achieved before because it would be really boring to have the same type of FPS repeatedly. Also, it will be fun and hopefully people won’t hate each other if they do something wrong.


What Platform (i.e. iOS Android, PC etc.) #2


Our game will run on a multitude of devices such as PC, XBOX, PlayStation. I am only releasing the game on these platforms because they are the most popular platforms in the world right now. The operating system that this game will be running on PC is Windows only, the reason for this is because if you wanted a Mac to run these types of games you will need to pay £1000+, but if you wanted to play it on windows you will only have to pay £350+.


Common Questions


What is the game?


My game is a Multiplayer 3D FPS (First Person Shooter). In the environment, it will be based in a desert where you will be in a team of 5 trying to kill the other team of 5 which will be a bunch of online players that you won’t know. There will be objects in the way because if it was point blank then it will be too easy but that is what this game is not about. You will start in your bases and that base will start at 100% health but it is not as easy as it is to kill a player, the player will also start at 100% health but they won’t take long to kill or the game will take ages to win. There are 5 rounds each game and it is best out of 5 to win. There are no vehicles yet because of the time that I have, to make the game.

Why create this game?


The reason why I want to create this game is because I always wanted to make a FPS game that I can control, because I always think of new ideas that can be useful for games like Counterstrike and Battlefield, most games like that now don’t really care about what the community think and they just add things in that would force the players to pay for money if they wanted to win. I want to make a game that the community wants (not the whole game just assets).


Where does the game take place?


This game takes place on a desert somewhere in Dubai, the map is having a few building sections, a castle defense, 2 bases for each team and a connecter part in the middle where 2 teams will collide in battle.


What do I control?


You control the 3 main characters who are called Rusher, Assault and Medic. The controls to move your character will be ASDW: A=move left, S=move backwards, D=move right and W=move forward. You will not be able to aim down sight because I want the game to be more about your skill, if you have a sight it really doesn’t take too much skill to get a headshot, but you will get a crosshair because otherwise it will be impossible to get a kill. To change weapons, you will use the numbers or the scroll wheel: 1=primary weapon, 2=secondary weapon, 3=medical kit/ammo kit/grenade.

What is the focus?


In my game the main objective is to destroy the enemy the enemy base but first you’re going to have to destroy their defense which is a huge castle. In the middle of the game mode there will be a sandstorm, then during the sandstorm there will be drops such as an ammo drop and medical kit drop for each team, because it will be unfair if 1 team got all the drops and the other team didn’t (The blue team won’t be able to get the red team drops and the red team won’t be able to get the blue team drops).


What’s the unique selling point about this game?


This game is different because when you level up you don’t get better equipment because then it will just be annoying to the people who just got the game compared to the people  who don’t have enough time to level up and get the good weapons, I made this system this way because I want people to have the full experience strait away, so that the game isn’t time consuming because I hated that myself when played the games that involved leveling up to get the good equipment. I made the level design to be a bit more competitive and suitable to the game mode. If requested by the community I will happily add more game modes, characters, specials and maps but for now I will keep it this way.



Feature Set


General Features


Medium size map

Real time online players

3D graphics

64 bit colours


First Person Shooter


3 main characters

Pick ups

Leveling up system







First Persons Shooter


Shooting enemy’s

Destroying bases

Collecting Pick ups

Healing other players

Giving other players ammo

Talking in game

Throwing grenades





The Game World




The game world is in a desert with a lot of areas where you can hide from enemy’s, there are 4 sets of building sections where players can hide around corners. There are 2 sets of bases, one for team blue and the other for team red, the base has a defense around the main buildings, which if the team has the same colour of the door, only they can enter it.


World Feature #1


Defense: This is what each team would have to destroy if they wanted to get into the main base. This is unique because not many First-Person Shooters have this type of game mode, but they do have the original Team Death Match, Search and destroy, demolition, domination and free-for-all.


World Feature #2


Sand Storm: The main reason why I would like to add this feature is because not many online multiplayer games have weather changing in their system, this will be difficult to make but it will be a cool thing to add and give players a difficult time in the game because you can’t make the game easy or it will just be really dull. The sand storm will happen during the middle of the match just to give the players a harder time while they look for the drops.

The Physical World




In the physical world, you will be able to destroy bases and destroy the defense. When you destroy, them it will have a crumbling animation then it will say YOU WIN once you have destroyed the enemy teams base. You can go inside the base, connector, building sections and defense.


Key Locations


The key locations are: Connector, building sections around the map, defense, and finally the base. Each team has their own bases and defense and they are the same because I don’t want one team to have an advantage over the other team because I want the game to be purely about skill and how people can make good use of what they have got.




In this world, the players will be traveling by foot without vehicles. This is mainly because I don’t have the skill and time to model any vehicles. The players will be able to sprint but only for a certain amount of time because I want this game to be realistic. You will also be able to climb ladders because there are ladders in the base and section buildings. When the sand storm hits your player, movement will slow down.




My map isn’t that big compared to games like GTA 5 and WATCH DOGS because it’s only purpose is to destroy the other teams base so I made it a small map. The map that I can compare it to is Dust 2 in a game called Counter-Strike Global Offensive, my map is only a little bit bigger but with less objects in it.





The objects that can be found in this world are boxes, walls, ladders, roofs, buildings, stairs, medical kits, gun ammo and medical kits. Some of these objects you will only find during the sandstorm in the middle of the game.





Normally the weather will be sunny and dry, but when the sand storm hit in the middle of the game the weather will just be windy and sandy because there will be sand particles flying everywhere.




The World Layout




World Layout Detail #


This could be a drawing with annotations in your sketchbook if this part of the page is not big enough.




Game Characters




Creating a Character


I created my characters by using the programs photoshop and adobe illustrator. On the program, Illustrator I mainly used the pen tool to trace around the weapons and pickups because it was the easiest way to draw around a picture and make it accurate as possible rather than doing it free hand which is difficult and more time consuming. I am going to model my characters by using cinema 4d and animate them. Before I started drawing them on the computer I sketched out each part that I was going to draw to make it a lot better to know what I’m drawing.


User Interface

User Interface Detail #1









Musical Scores and Sound Effects



For my music, I would like it to be in the game menu, then when you play the game it would have some music every time you start the match. I would also like there to be Victory music if someone wins the round, but if you lose there will be sad music. The games that I can compare this to is Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Battlefield and Call of Duty because they have the same type of music that I would like to have in my game.


Sound Effects


The sound effects that I am going to have are explosions (for when the building and the grenade blows up), AK47 gun shots sound, UMP-45 gunshot sound, Revolver gunshot sounds, Brownie pistol gunshot sound all reloading sound, particle sound effect, sand storm sound effect. I am going to make these sound effects by using objects around the house and record different sounds I make.