Unit 61: task 2

Analysis stimulus, eg client brief, own brief; client communication, eg meeting notes, recording responses to questioning; final specification I have a brief to make a interactive narrative where I am advancing from the first stage in a competition which was originally to make a graphic narrative where the next part is to get that graphic... Continue Reading →


Unit 51: task 1 – presentation

presentation task 1 unit 61 Notes Slide 2 – Colour theory   Say about the colours correspond with people’s feelings and sometimes helps with telling what they need to do e.g. red on the stop sign helps people see that there if you don’t stop there will be danger up ahead Next say about with... Continue Reading →


Website link: https://mrbottlessite.wordpress.com/contact-us/ Evaluation Apart from a few things my website went as well as i planned, I would've liked to add a lot more into it but the chooses were very limited because i was using WordPress. In WordPress my main problem was being able to choose the right theme, which allowed me to choose... Continue Reading →

Proposal  Website Title http://www.MrBottles.com Who is the website for?  Mr Bottles company What is the website going to be about? This website is about cleaning bottles. They have facts about people stories of being bottle collectors from when they first started or how they have given up bottle collecting. Give a short description of all... Continue Reading →

How I made my animation

Intro  This is the main intro composition where I put all of the comps/ images in the Project. This is how I made the zombie shatter effect, to make this all I did was I went to the effects and presets section and dragged the shatter effect onto the zombie image and adjusted the settings.... Continue Reading →


How did you come about with the idea for your animation? For my ideas I just looked around my house and looked for what I could do for my live action. So I knew what type of genre my animation was which is Horror/survival, so I looked for creepy parts around my house, after that I thought... Continue Reading →

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