3D Environment animation

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hr_7-sqsptg   This is a video of my 3D Environment


Render settings

Ambient Occlusion The setting that i chose for Ambient Occlusion were Use Sky Environment, Evaluate Transparency for the doors because they were transparent and the last one self shadowing only because i don't want too much shadowing for my game otherwise you wont be able to see much in the game. Global Illumination I didn't... Continue Reading →

Over all look

BLUE TEAM  Defence Base Inside of building  Building CONNECTOR  RED TEAM  Defence Base Inside of building Building BUILDING SECTION THE WHOLE ENVIRONMENT


For this part all i did was make 2 cylinders one on top of the other, then i made it editable by pressing C on the object, after that i did inner extrude and then dragged it inside. for this tower all i did was add segments to the cylinder and make it editable by... Continue Reading →


  All i did here was copy and paste cylinders and resized them to look like parts of a sand building. Then here for the left side all i did was use primitive shapes like the cube and cylinder, resize the cube so it was long but the same height, copy and paste and then... Continue Reading →


Door material for connector (Colour/transparency) Red team    Blue team   Door material for both team bases and defence (colour and transparency) Blue team   Red Team Texture for Castle and Connector  Texture for team blue and team red buildings  Wall   Stairs These are all of my textures

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