3D Environment animation — January 9, 2017
Sketches/mind maps — December 2, 2016
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Render settings

Ambient Occlusion


The setting that i chose for Ambient Occlusion were Use Sky Environment, Evaluate Transparency for the doors because they were transparent and the last one self shadowing only because i don’t want too much shadowing for my game otherwise you wont be able to see much in the game.

Global Illumination


I didn’t really apply much for these settings because i didn’t really know what they did. All i did was leave the default setting on because i didn’t want to ruin it by adding something that would’ve made my environment look worse.



I changed the Anti-Aliasing to best, Min level to 4×4, Max level to 8×8. I didn’t really mess with anything else for the same reason as the Global Illumination.

Over all look — December 1, 2016
Defence —



For this part all i did was make 2 cylinders one on top of the other, then i made it editable by pressing C on the object, after that i did inner extrude and then dragged it inside.


for this tower all i did was add segments to the cylinder and make it editable by pressing C on the object again but then deleted the faces on the top bit to give it the castle look.


For the door all i did is that i got a primitive shape which was the cube and dragged it to the size it is now and then deleted the faces to make a door way then covered up the gaps by using the bridge tool.


For the windows it did the same thing as the door i made segments on the cube, then made it editable, deleted the faces, then covered the unwanted gaps by using the bridge tool.

Connector —




All i did here was copy and paste cylinders and resized them to look like parts of a sand building.


Then here for the left side all i did was use primitive shapes like the cube and cylinder, resize the cube so it was long but the same height, copy and paste and then on the right side i rotated it 180 degrees.





Textures —
Team Buildings —