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Rusher/ Assault  Medic I made these by using the pen tool in illustrator and then filling it in with live paint. The colour of these collectables will be done by using my own textures from around my house so that i can get out of copyright.

Start Screen

Main Menu  Options  Audio Video I made all of these by only using Photoshop. I did a screen grab of the background of my map that i made in cinema 4d. All i did for the text is that i downloaded a free font from the internet and the bit where it has the main... Continue Reading →


Box:   Floor: 2nd Floor: Wall: Brick Stack: Final map look: I made the map by using Blender to create the environment i mainly used Perimitive shapes to create the shape of the object because i found spline modelling very difficult and time consuming.  


      i drew the character also using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop but this time i drew it free hand and i didn't trace it over any image only for the weapons. . The enemy's are the characters because the game is multiplayer because both teams have the same character choice .  


    Assault's Weapons   Rifles: Pistol: Medic's Weapons   Medical kit: Pistol: Rusher's Weapons   Sub Machine gun: Pistol:   I made the weapons using the programs Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. i traced over an image using the pen tool and then coloured it in using Live paint so i could select the colour... Continue Reading →

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