Characters with shadows

I made these characters shadows by using the selection tool to select different elements of the shape the filled it with a black colour, after that I changed the opacity to 22 to give it a 3d effect. This is a picture with lighting and a background around my characters.


character concept screenshots

The tool that I mainly used was the pen tool to trace over the picture. I had to choose my final graphics to trace over because I cant find my original file when I actually made it. I used the same arms, legs feet,hands and eyes for my other 2 characters.


Characters: My characters final graphics are suitable for it's purpose because they are looking exactly how I wanted them. There are a few parts that I would make differently if I had the skill and time. The eyes and the mouth don't look that great because they don't go around the sphere like I wanted... Continue Reading →

Character Models

Assault/Medic/Rusher screenshots I mostly used spline modelling to get the feet, arm and mouth shapes because if i tried to use primitive shaped for them i would've been very difficult to make and very time consuming. With the arms and legs i used fillet caps because that was what made the edges smooth and more... Continue Reading →


AMMO CRATE/MEDICAL KIT  For these collectables all i did was use primitive shapes and spline tool, the only primitive shape that i used to make this was cubes because there was nothing spherical in this shape, i used the spline tool too make the handle and the little parts next to it, i used the... Continue Reading →

UMP Screenshots

I mainly used spline modelling then primitive shapes because of the weird shape of the weapon. to smooth the edges out all i did was fillet caps on the extrude and changed the radius to make is a lot smoother. I did use the bool tool for the barrel of the gun because it had... Continue Reading →

Revolver Screenshots

I mainly used splines and primitive shapes for my revolver weapon, because i found those techniques a lot more easier and less time consuming. for the texture i just changed the roughness of the reflection to make it look more like a natural look. The primitive shapes that i used were cylinders and cubes because... Continue Reading →

AK-S Screenshots

I made this AK-S by using splines and primitive shapes. For the smoothing around the edges i just used fillet caps for the spline and fillet for the the primitive shapes. The main primitive that i used were  cubes and cylinders.

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