Task 2 Unit 3 — June 21, 2017

Task 2 Unit 3

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This is the slide show that we did our presentation on as a group. The people that were in my group are Charlotte, Darryl and Matt.

These are all of the answers that I got from my surveys about the game I’m doing for the trailer.

For the presentation I spoke about the Shooting games me and Matt did half each because we did some research about them because our games are really similar.

I also talked about the Key findings.

Survey summary

On my survey it says that 80% were male and 20% were other, on the second question it says that 80% would see an advert on YouTube and the other 20% said Twitch which is a streaming program, on the 3rd question it said that 40% liked horror games, 20% liked sport games and 40% liked other. On the 4th question 20% said they loved it, 20% said they hated it, 40% had mixed feelings and 20% never heard of it. On the 5th question 60% were playing 1-4 hours a day, 20% 12-14 and 20% played 14+ hours. On the 6th question 60% would play a remastered version and 40% said maybe.

Other research 

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 14.52.39Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 14.52.07Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 14.51.55Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 14.35.36Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 14.35.27

This is a basic summary of another survey i found on a website called www,yougov.com. The game is also Resident Evil

Task 5 Unit 7 — June 20, 2017

Task 5 Unit 7

  Sam Swift

 Ashakire Rise,

 Ridge Road,






Electronic Arts

Game Development

Onslow House, Onslow St, Guildford





 Dear Mr Smith

 I am very interested in becoming a game developer in your company, I found this on your main website and it caught my eye. I have been looking around other companies for a while now and finally have found my dream job. I have always wanted to work for this company. I am available to start work whenever it fits best for you but as a warning I am going to college after summer, so it would be better to work part time until I go onto the second year of my course.

I am very interested in this post because I’ve always wanted to work for a big company like yours, also I have enjoyed so many of your games and have had so many great ideas on how they can be more fun to play, this is the main reason why I want to be a game developer, to make something the community will remember and will enjoy.

My strengths are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Affects, and a basics of Cinema 4D, I also understand how to use Unreal Engine and a bit of coding, this will be an advantage to your company mainly because I know a bit of everything and can be adaptable for any situation, if you need someone to help on animating then Photoshop I will be able to do both, also I am still learning so if there is a problem that no one knows I will be able to look it up and fix it. I’ve had many problems with After Affects but I have learnt from my mistakes.

I am available whenever for an interview but if anything does happen I will let you know as soon as possible. Thank you for reading this letter and I will be looking forward to be hearing from you soon.

 Yours sincerely

Sam Swift


Sam Swift


Ashakire Rise, Ridge Road, Maidencombe, TQ1 4TD • 0738727567 • samswift1@live.co.uk



Personal statement

The career that I am aiming for is to be a game developer for a big company, if not my own company if I am lucky enough to get people at my standards to work with me. Right now I am at college doing a level 3 course in games and interaction where we learn all aspects on how to develop, design and make sounds for a game, also we are learning how to do research on your audience and how to do website design. You should consider my application because I am very hard working, I respect people, I will do any extra job offered to me if needed and I will always do my best.

Key Skills


  • Adobe After Affects
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Good at team work and Time management
  • Good at 3D Modelling
  • Good at sport e.g Football, Tennis, Cricket and golf
  • I have knowledge of a bit of coding
  • I have knowledge on how to create and design websites
  • Good at file management

Employment History

None yet


South Devon College/Trinity School

Trinity School = September 2005 – June 2015

South Devon College = September 2015 to date

GCSE/L2 diploma:

  • English – D
  • Mathematics – F
  • ICT – Distinction
  • Level 2 creative computing – Merit
  • Level 1 Mathematics – Pass
  • Level 1 French – Merit
  • Level 1 German – Distinction
  • I participated in the DofE
  • I have participated in the 2007 Judo Championship
  • I have participated in the six week course with Torquay United Football scheme
  • I have taken part in the ISA Athletics championship and came 1st
  • I have also taken part in a multi activity course at Skern Lodge
  • I was also a member of the Trinity School Football/Tennis team
  • I was a member of Shaldon Cricket club team
  • I was also a member of Kingsteignton football team
  • I was also a member of Torquay Golf Club


Hobbies & Interests

My hobbies and interests are that: I like to play video games, sport, design logos, model 3D objects, use game engines like Unreal engine 4. My main sports I like to play are football, Tennis, and table tennis. I also like to make some animations and gif’s for backgrounds or websites.

References available if required.

Job Role: Game developer 

Step 1:  Start to use the programs required for the job e.g Photoshop, After Affects and Cinema 4D.

Step 2: Watch YouTube tutorials on how to advance your techniques and learn short cuts in each program to make thing less time consuming.

Step 3: Start implementing all 3 programs and try and make one animation using assets you created using on Photoshop and Cinema 4D

Step 4: After that try making a sound track and effects on logic pro x and add it to your animation.

Final step: Get a group of people to watch your final piece and ask for feedback on what they like about it and how you can improve on it.


Task 4 Unit 7 — June 19, 2017

Task 4 Unit 7

Career Portfolio 

  •  A glossary of employment terms

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 15.45.36.png

  • Identify a range of employment opportunities and job roles, from entry level jobs to senior roles.

Job Roles list: Animator, Game developer, Sound producer, Game designer, Level designer, 3D Modeller, Character designer.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 16.01.03

here are a list of the jobs that a company called Valve who are an independent country expect you to do. Valve also have no bosses to tell you what to to do.

  • Explain the pros and cons of the work available

Pros: There are many opportunities available for our work in the media sector, also there are many companies that will pay you a lot of money to do the thing you love, there is a lot of competition in this sector so that it will open up a lot more opportunities so you can create products like games, animations, sound and 3D Models. Depending on what level you are performing at, you could get a high salary.

Cons: The main cons to this sector is that you have to be in certain places to get the certain job role e.g I live in Devon and there aren’t many opportunities for me to be working in the big companies in my local area however there are still ways you can work for them online but that is very unlikely since there is so much competition when it comes to companies like EA and Ubisoft.

  • Explain how job roles overlap and interact

Job roles can overlap and interact by: If you were a 3D Modeller you might need to have some sort of skills to do with animation so it makes the animators who only know after affects a lot easier if you do the modelling part in Cinema 4D because then they will be able to take it into after affects and add some special effects etc.

  • List the range of skills required for the job roles identified

Time management, File management, Communication skills, Organisation skills, Team work, Independence, Cinema 4d skills, Animation, sound creation, art, creativity.

  • Provide examples of the jobs you have found with a brief description of where you found them, what the job entails and what skills you personally will need to develop to obtain such jobs.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 09.49.29

All I searched for was game developer jobs in google. The main website that I was on is:


The skills that are needed for this job are CCS, HTML, Javascript and WordPress. You will need a good understanding of all these particular skill sets to get a job at this place, you can either join full time or part time in my case I would join it part time, the payment is £25,000-£30,000 per annum. The area that this job is at is Edgware.

  • Identify education or training needed for each job. What type of professional development would need to be undertaken for these jobs? Provide examples of where to access Continued Professional Development.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 10.18.40

For the training you need to do to be able too actually have these skills you can go to things like specific college courses that show you have these skills, it normally goes from a pass to a distinction and the higher grade you get the more higher grade you get the more it shows how much training and skill you’ve had. Normally a level 3 course is 2 years. If you do an all rounder course it shows that you are more likely to know Photoshop, Illustrator which are the main programs you need to be a Level designer. There is also Apprenterships that you can do which is similar but you also get paid while you learn.


Identify different types of working lifestyles (part-time, full-time, temporary, hourly paid etc) and write about the advantages and disadvantages for each.

Full time: This is basically when someone puts there full effort into one job and instead of working a few hours per day they work the whole day. The advantages of this is that you can get paid a lot depending on the job and also you will be able to improve your skill. The disadvantages is that if you get paid less then it is kind of a waist of time if you work for more then one year.

Part time: This is where someone works only a few shifts a day and the don’t put there full energy into it, also they can have more then one job or a college course. An advantage of this is that it makes it easier to concentrate on other things while you are making money. The disadvantage of this is that you get paid less money then you would if you worked full time.

Hourly paid: This is where an employee only gets paid hourly for their service. The advantage is if you are very young this will be a good and easy way to make spending money because you don’t have to pay rent, the disadvantage is that you won’t get paid as much a you do with the other two.

SWOT analysis

Strengths: My strengths are that I am quite good at time management, file management, Adobe After affects, amok at Photoshop and Illustrator and team work.

Weaknesses: Im not that good on 3D modelling, Communication, organisation, planning, being confident while under pressure.

Opportunities: The opportunities I have from these skills are: Game Developer, Game designer, Level designer and animator.

Threats: My main threats are the people in my course that are looking to have a future in media.

£  Identify different types of working lifestyles (part-time, full-time, temporary, hourly paid etc) and write about the advantages and disadvantages for each

£  Identify professional behaviour required for working within the creative media industries and complete a SWOT analysis of your own professional development and professional behaviour. 

Task 3 Regulation of the media sector Unit 7 —

Task 3 Regulation of the media sector Unit 7

  • Why is the media sector regulated?

The media sector is relegated because otherwise there will be so many problems such as, there will be too many arguments on copyright, there will be a lot of libel. An example of a media sector is BBFC which do age rating for film, PEGI which do age ratings for games, PCC which are the rules called the editors for the code of practice.

  • What are the key issues affecting media producers and consumers?

There are many key issues that concern producers and consumers and they are: Monopolies, censorship, censorship is really important mainly because if you don’t censor your game to be appropriate for the waiting assigned by PEGI your game will either be banned or you can modify it so it can be ethically be accepted.

  • What is a monopoly?

A monopoly is where a market structure is characterised by one seller, this seller is selling a unique product into the market, in this particular market the seller has no competition. He/she is the main seller of goods with no close substitute.

  • Why is it important to ensure that no single media producer in the UK has a monopoly?

It is very important that we do not have a monopoly in the UK mainly because if you have one seller who has the most control it will be unfair for the other competitors to have equal competition, also if you have a monopoly in the UK the prices will be higher for something that is not good quality. This is really bad for the consumers because there is less of a product and also it will cost a lot more then it should at a competitive market. Thats why it’s important to have a competitive market in the UK so there is more of a product and it is a lot cheaper.

  • Why is consumer choice important?

A consumers chose in the market is more important because if they are not using the products then there will be no one to sell your product to, also if the consumer is mainly buying other products that is how a monopoly will start to form, the prices will go up and there will be less products there to buy and also less competition.

  • What is regulation?

Regulation is where companies are not able to add certain things to there products such as in the media sector there are such things as PEGI, BBFC which regulate age restrictions to certain parts of the media e.g PEGI only do age ratings for games and BBFC only do age ratings for films.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of regulation?

The advantages of regulation are that it doesn’t get people offended and stops things like copyright and piracy. The disadvantages of regulation are that it stops companies from being as creative as they like e.g if they wanted a photorealistic game but its only rated 12+ they aren’t allowed to add blood or any realistic life situations like brutal death. this is why games like Manhunt 2 were banned.

  • What regulatory issues apply in your creative media sector?

The things that regulate issues that apply to my media sector are things like PEGI, this is the main regulation that will be able to ruin a whole plan for a game idea. It is the most important thing to consider also because if you make a game to a certain genre e.g if you do a game in the horror genre it will most likely to be a 16+ rated because of all the violence, blood and maybe strong language.

  • How does the regulatory body enforce its regulatory powers?

PEGI: This regulatory body enforce there powers by using age ratings to stop people adding anything offensive to an ethnic society, they could also add things that could encourage kids to act a certain way which could either be really bad or really good, so that is why age ratings are really important and it splits the bad and the good apart.

  • How do regulation and deregulation affect media production, distribution and audience choice?

Regulation: If you had a certain genre it can choose how old your audience is going to be e.g if you wanted to make a football game it is mainly going to be a 7+ this will differ the audience so it can be kids who are 13 or adults who are 25.

deregulation: This effects the audiences choose by if they keep on moving the industries around the audience wouldn’t know what to choose.


  • Produce a case study of regulation being enforced within your sector.

Manhunt 2: This game was banned in the UK as soon as it came out, this is because PEGI saw how bad the game was influencing people that murder was ok, another reason is because of how detailed and brutal this game became when you were killing your enemies

  • What are the consequences of not adhering to the regulator’s rules and codes of practice?

The main consequences if you do not apply to the regulators rules and codes of practice are that you could possibly be fired or suspended from your job. You could also get a fine depending on what regulator you don’t follow.

Website — June 13, 2017


Website link: https://mrbottlessite.wordpress.com/contact-us/

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Apart from a few things my website went as well as i planned, I would’ve liked to add a lot more into it but the chooses were very limited because i was using WordPress. In WordPress my main problem was being able to choose the right theme, which allowed me to choose the right widgets, fonts or to have complete control for where everything went. Apart from all of that I think that my website went just as I planned, I didn’t add any social pages because I thought there is no point in making an email address and a Facebook and Twitter page.

On my first page there is a bottle animation for galleries, in the animation it has Antique glass bottles sliding a long with 2 bottles on the end smashing, then it has text coming up saying coming soon. I couldn’t have a drop down menu under the word galleries, this was mainly because the website theme didn’t have the option for me to add one. The bottle animation was really fun to make but a bit time consuming because I had to animate and get the perfect picture of the bottles which took me a while to find.

For the header I had to make it in after affects. This was because of the spinning wheel on the S in the logo, after that i put it in Photoshop so I can make the GIF a loop. I had to add this onto my website because on the original Mr.Bottles website it had the bottles animation and the spinning logo, these 2 reasons stood out and made the website look unique. The logo didn’t take me long at all to make because all I had to do was the rotation of the wheel on the S to twice continuously.

On the bottle cleaning page I just wanted to make it look simple but professional that’s why before the top 3 sentences I put a few ==, this was to make it stand out, so as soon as people clicked on that page it will be the first thing to look at. The main reason why I did this was because they are the most important words which explain on what that web page is about. There aren’t really any pictures on it because i didn’t really know what to add and there is a PDF file which takes you to a page and shows you how to clean your glass bottles.

On the contact us page there isn’t really much added onto it. It is just a form where you can send the company an email for help or feedback. On the About Us page there is’n also much added onto it, it just says what the website is all about and what they do. On the Need An Appraisal page it just has a picture of a antique bottle, and just text on how you can get an Appraisal for your Antique bottle. Also I added the == to space the paragraphs and make it stand out a bit more, it also gives it more of a unique feel to it.

Task 2 Ethical & legal constraints within the media sector — June 7, 2017

Task 2 Ethical & legal constraints within the media sector

The legal and ethical constraints with gaming are:

Legal: An example of a legal constrain is copyright, its against the law to take a game and just completely copy the mechanics an the game structure, but that is only if it has been trade marked. Another thing that is a constraint is Pegi ratings, a good example is that if that they ask you to have a 13+ rated game you rant allowed too much blood and gore in the game.

Ethical: There are many ethical constraints, an example of one is that in a game you can’t be racist, or say something offensive to a particular group of people because it could cause so many people to be offended and if they are offended they wouldn’t pay for your game.

Codes of practice for the gaming industry

For the gaming industry you are expected to do your work on time, the right file management, have the right time management e.g get into work on time, make a schedule for when you do your assignments, hand the work in on the same time it says on the brief, do your work as the brief says or your boss won’t accept it.

The relevant constraints that I considered while I was making my animation was considering the age rating, so while I was making the zombie I knew that I could make it a lot more detailed and gory. Also because of this I knew I wasn’t going to make it kid friendly so I decided to add a bit off blood for when the zombie got shot. I also made the music really creepy. For the copyright law I took some images but I traced over them and added to it so it wasn’t an exact copy.

Breaches of Conduct

The breaches of conduct, this is where a company in the gaming industry has completely ignored the laws, for example a game called The Punisher, this was mainly for ethical reasons because of how brutal the game was at the time, however the game wasn’t completely banned but only heavily modified. Another game that was similar was Mortal Combat because of how detailed the fighting was in that game, if you were to do a finishing move it will have an X-ray vision over the body while seeing the parts getting crushed. The last example of a game that was banned is Manhunt 2, this is mainly because you are this character going around killing anyone you choose.


The copyright law is if a big company e.g EA has a game that is really popular and they have payed for trade mark. If someone comes a long and completely copy the game mechanics and the objective of the game, then they can be sued and fined a lot of money, after the fine they will also have their game completely banned. This law is extremely important to know because if you get caught doing this your whole career is over.

Libel law

This is when you are talking really badly about a company, your allowed to be critical but you aren’t allowed to constantly talk badly of them especially on a review e.g Valve banned a game publisher for saying.

Task 1 report: Unit 7 — May 16, 2017

Task 1 report: Unit 7

Valve company

There are many things that Valve own. They are an independent company that owns there own games, platforms and engines. All the games are made and owned by Valve, but the platform engines are owned by other companies which are subsidiaries of Valve. Valve also us Steam which is the platform to publish all of there games that they have made which is the most popular platform out so far. The games that they have made they used their own engine which is owned by and called Source.

Valve is horizontally integrated, we know this because there are 3 companies Valve (owner of all of them), Steam (owner of the platform) and finally Source (the owner of the engine where valve make their games), all of these companies are connected and owned by one company valve. The company structure is a bit different to other independent companies, the reason for this is because it is quite a small company and boss free.

The customers of Valve are usually gamers across the world, the biggest product that they have sold is Counter-strike:Global Offensive, so this tells us that the customers mainly like first person shooters is 18+, but the problem with it is from my experience playing this game, is that there are way too many people that are to young to play this game e.g 14 and under.

The main competitors of Valve are Blizzard who made Over watch which is one of the most soled game in 2016. This game is also a first person shooter which can take most of the customers from Valve which are mainly fps based games. Also I think Uplay and  Origin could be a competitor because of the platforms are almost as popular as steam, they have games such as Assassins Creed and Battlefield 1.

Since Valve have have no bosses for their company, that allows the staff to work on what they choose and what’s best for the community rather then the company. This also gets rid of all the conflict between the staff and managers which could effect the product and what the community would think of the company, if they had managers that didn’t care about anything else but money. The fact that they have there own engine and platform is really good because they don’t have to worry about copyright and they can update it at any time if they have any problems, the only thing bad about this is that, the peoples patience will have a bad effect on them if they wait to long, the public will just move on and go to another platform or game. Also this company is quite a small independent company so it takes longer to produce but could be better quality.

There are only 7 senior staff and 2 managers, there hasn’t been any recent members joining that are senior and manager so that is why it is a small independent company, there is only 2 managers so it is basically a manager free company, its a unique way of doing things.








Task 3 b report Unit 3 — March 27, 2017

Task 3 b report Unit 3

Market and audience research 

The target audience with my game trailer will be 18+ because of how photo realistic I am trying to make it look. From the answers that I got it was mostly men aged 16-18 that liked to play horror and survival game genres which is positive because that fits in with the game that I am doing which is Resident Evil. My potential competitors will be games like Doom, Call of Duty Modern Warfare remastered because they are the same typical first person shooter and Bioshock which was remastered on PS4, the reason why I compared these games as a competitor is because Bioshock and Call of Duty were remastered onto the new consoles, which is what I am making my trailer more live action then 2d animation to have the more photo realistic feel.

For my trailer I added some eary music for the intro and a heart beat for every time the scene changes, the reason I did this was so it can add suspense and to remind them that its and 18+ horror rated game so they expect something scary. I also achieved this by adding some blood from when the zombies head explodes. Also on the main first live action scene I faded in and out some text which said not “real gameplay”, this is to inform the viewers that the graphical look is not going to look exactly like this and to remind them that the scenes are not going to be in the game, so that they will not be disappointed if they don’t see it.

Production Research

The main resources that i need are things like After Affects, I would use this to create animation e.g character movement and special effects, I also need a PC, so I can download software like After Affects, Photoshop, Illustrator. The other things that I will need are sound recorders so I will have my phone to record sounds. Also I will need a camera so that I can record my live action. I might need voice actors to record my zombie noises and maybe heavy breathing. I will also need logic pro X so I can edit my sound effects.

  • Based on the research carried out what is your rationale for your trailer and marketing strategy? (500 words approx)

For my trailer the main age range is 18-20 year old males that prefer horror games so my trailer ratings are going to be 18+. This allows me to add blood and detail to my characters because it is what the target audience wants. Also in my survey they mainly said that they play the games more than 5 hours a day so in my trailer I can add more features of what the game has in store for example all the different items you can collect and all of the different game modes there are. My survey also says that people mainly find adverts on Twitch and YouTube so I thought that this is a good opportunity for me to post it on all social media so I can get the best possible results.

Also I might as well see if I can get my trailer as a banner on the side of buses and bus stops mainly because sometimes teenagers don’t want to start driving so they take buses, also if they are driving the only they are going to see buses on the way up to their location so they will see it either way. I can also go around asking people to watch my trailer and ask for feedback from them after. The other option is to have little figures of the game characters and ask places like McDonald’s to sponsor them and advertise them through their happy meals as toys.

I can also make a website to sell merchandise to do with my trailer so things like: Tops, shoes, hats, hoodies, mugs etc. I could also ask popular game apps to sponsor my trailer by putting it as an add in the free versions of their games/apps. Another way that I could market my trail is by asking the cinema company to show my trailer before popular films.


Presentation for animation — March 12, 2017
Task One – Essay — February 28, 2017

Task One – Essay

Types of research

Quantitative: This is a method of research where objective measurements and the statistics analysis of data are put into poles and surveys. The advantages of this type of research is that you can get good responses to a specific type of topic e.g. if you wanted to see what target audience your game was that you are creating, you can make a survey or a pole and then put it on multiple game forums and base your target audience on the results.

The picture on the left is an example of a survey about games, this has mainly multiple choice questions at the start and towards the end, towards the bottom of the survey it mainly asks for your input on the type of question, e.g. would you like to see this game remastered and why?.

The picture on the right is called a poll. This is where people normally ask questions about a particular subject e.g. who would you want to be elected as president? Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump, then after you choose it would say the percentage out of 100 of people who chosen.

Qualitative:  This type of research is a primary exploration. This is a way to understand reasons and opinions instead of using surveys and polls to get statistics. This type of research helps get ideas and hypotheses for quantitative research. The advantages of this type of research is that when you gain the statistics from surveys you will be able to find out their opinions and reasons for why they have chosen that answer, also it helps us get a better understanding of what target audience you are aiming for. The disadvantages of this type of research is that it is generally more time consuming, its not as easy to generalize, this is also difficult to compare.

Methods of research 

Primary research: This is new research that is carried out to answer specific types of questions or hypotheses. This can include questionnaires, surveys and interviews by yourself or in small groups of people. If you are in a small group the research will be a lot better and also you will have a lot more of it. Also if you are by yourself you still get a lot more research then secondary research, the research is also a lot more specific.  The disadvantages of this method of research are: they could be expensive depending how many people you ask to do the research or what the subject you are researching, this is also time consuming because the time required to do research is very long compared to secondary research.

Secondary research: This involves the summary of existing research rather than primary research, in which data is collected from e.g. research subjects from experiments. This type of research is also described as the most widely used method for data collection. The advantages of this type of research are: It isn’t time consuming unlike primary research, This type of research is low cost because you don’t need many people to do it, It is also a clarification of a research question, It may answer the research question as well, It may show difficulties in conducting primary research. The disadvantages of this type of research are: the quality of the research is not that good, Its incomplete information,  It may have little or no relevance to the current situation. This is not specific to the researchers needs.

These methods can be useful to my game trailer because i can right surveys so i can figure out what my target audience is going to be.

Purposes of Research

Audience Research: The purpose of this type of research is to gather information about the audiences attitudes, knowledge, interests, preferences or behaviors with respect to prevent issues. The advantages of this are, Stereotypical interests by age are easy to identify, you can easily design a game that would suit specific interests and values, for lifestyle people may find that they can relate to a game. The disadvantages are: categorising by age means you need to change certain content within it, graphics can completely put somebody off a game if its about something they are not interested in.

Market Research: This purpose of research is to gather information about consumers needs and preferences. The advantages of this purpose of research is that you can get specific bits of information such as what genre a certain game is or how many people like a particular part of a game (you can get these bits of information by uploading surveys or polls onto game forums). The disadvantage of this purpose of research is that it is more time consuming because you will have to wait for responses for other people and that could either be a month or a few days.

Production Research: This research is always needed when developing a new product. It is research to help give information on the characteristics of the product. It focuses on how a product is made. The disadvantages of this research is that it is time consuming because you have to learn how to make the product. The advantages of this research is that it helps you understand on how your product is made and you will be able to make it without worrying about the copyright law.