Unit 14, Task 3

Company name: Swift Designs Logo: Business card:  Front Back Website landing page:  CV:  Portfolio:   Feedback: Charlotte - Sam's advertising materials are all very consistent, there are no doubt about that. I love the logo especially the industrial looking font, this ties in well the the colour scheme as a whole, black and gold looks... Continue Reading →


Copy right trap examples

Agloe, NY Map creators used the place Agloe as a copyright trap. This is also called a Fictional town.  Copyright This is where you have created a piece of work and you want to make money of it. There is also a risk

Production management

Research Proposal Treatment Storyboard/ Outline Script/ Mood Board/ Thumbnails Location Recce/ Resources check Production Schedule Shooting script   Record Create material Review and evaluate

The process of production

Idea generation (brain storm, mood boards, scripts, sketches) Market research Job roles Budget Buying the equipment and software you need Deside on what assets you need to make or the location Get clearance on the location Trade mark you ideas Clearance to start the production Production Clearance to finalise the production Finalise production Get clearance... Continue Reading →

Unit 55: Task 1

RED VS BLUE  Mind Map Proposal Title: Red vs Blue  Characters: The characters are one red and one blue, the weapons I might use are swords, pistols, tasers and a mini gun as a special weapon. Background: The different types of backgrounds that I could use are: Warehouse, an alley in a street, an abandoned hospital or... Continue Reading →

Task 2 Unit 3

This is the slide show that we did our presentation on as a group. The people that were in my group are Charlotte, Darryl and Matt. These are all of the answers that I got from my surveys about the game I'm doing for the trailer. For the presentation I spoke about the Shooting games... Continue Reading →

Task 5 Unit 7

  Sam Swift  Ashakire Rise,  Ridge Road, Maidencombe TQ1 4TD 077717389905 samswift4@hotmail.com   Electronic Arts Game Development Onslow House, Onslow St, Guildford GU1 4TN   20/06/17    Dear Mr Smith  I am very interested in becoming a game developer in your company, I found this on your main website and it caught my eye. I... Continue Reading →

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