How i got my game ideas

Before i started my game concept art i was looking through different game ideas using articles like this one but then i decided to change my design style because it looked to confusing and time consuming and i also didn't have the skill to do such complicated designs like these. I also used this magazine... Continue Reading →


Task 1: Research about Pokemon

How long has Pokemon been around for? Who is the original designer and company? How has it evolved? Why is it so successful? What negative and positive things have been written about it? How much has it made this year? Answers  Pokemon was made in 1995 and has been around for 21 years. the original... Continue Reading →

Induction Task

Photorealism - GTA 5 This graphics style uses a high level quality of textures in game models so it would be able to run clearly but that is if you have a good pc. The animations in this game are also incredibly smooth compared to all of the other GTA games. You can also use... Continue Reading →

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