Task 4 Unit 7

Career Portfolio   A glossary of employment terms Identify a range of employment opportunities and job roles, from entry level jobs to senior roles. Job Roles list: Animator, Game developer, Sound producer, Game designer, Level designer, 3D Modeller, Character designer. here are a list of the jobs that a company called Valve who are an independent country... Continue Reading →


Task 3 Regulation of the media sector Unit 7

Why is the media sector regulated? The media sector is relegated because otherwise there will be so many problems such as, there will be too many arguments on copyright, there will be a lot of libel. An example of a media sector is BBFC which do age rating for film, PEGI which do age ratings... Continue Reading →

Task 1 report: Unit 7

Valve company There are many things that Valve own. They are an independent company that owns there own games, platforms and engines. All the games are made and owned by Valve, but the platform engines are owned by other companies which are subsidiaries of Valve. Valve also us Steam which is the platform to publish... Continue Reading →

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