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Assignment 2 – Professional Development and Skills Maintenance Report

Map your current skills to the specialism Chosen career: Graphics designer Job: Graphics designer and digital marketer Skills: Photoshop - 7 After Affects - 8 Illustrator - 6 InDesign - 6 Marketing - 7 teamwork - 8 Skills needed:  Fluent in Photoshop Fluent in Illustrator Fluent in InDesign Map your intended career pathway After I have finished... Continue Reading →

Unit 14, Task 3

Company name: Swift Designs Logo: Business card:  Front Back Website landing page:  CV:  Portfolio:   Feedback: Charlotte - Sam's advertising materials are all very consistent, there are no doubt about that. I love the logo especially the industrial looking font, this ties in well the the colour scheme as a whole, black and gold looks... Continue Reading →

Copy right trap examples

Agloe, NY Map creators used the place Agloe as a copyright trap. This is also called a Fictional town.  Copyright This is where you have created a piece of work and you want to make money of it. There is also a risk

Unit 66 Task 3

Evaluation For my 3d modelling I found it really difficult to get the curves of the ship to look perfect, This was because I had so many random polygons on the primitive shape that I started of with they kept on flipping and it also kept on messing up the texturing, this was really time... Continue Reading →

Task 1:

Identify your chosen specialism Graphics designer Identify the type (and range) of work undertaken within that specialism Identify resources needed within that specialism Identify types of contract and contracting processes Identify tax, national insurance and other legal obligations Identify health and safety considerations relevant to that specialism Identify professional associations linked to your speciality Identify... Continue Reading →

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