Task 2: Case study for Player Unknown Battle Grounds.

Textual analysis – Genre (inc. colours, styles, sound, graphics) narrative, representation.       Audience – Positioning, targeting, responses, relationship with text.   Industry – Production, distribution, marketing, regulation, global positioning of the product.   Your work must be supported by examples and you must use correct terminology.   References must also be provided and... Continue Reading →


Unit 61: task 2

Analysis stimulus, eg client brief, own brief; client communication, eg meeting notes, recording responses to questioning; final specification   Creative thinking skills brainstorming; mind maps; storyboards; creative problem-solving tools, eg attribute listing, morphological analysis, SWOT Mood Boards The pictures are based on existing narratives and examples on how they can be displayed as interactive. It... Continue Reading →

Unit 51: task 1 – presentation

presentation task 1 unit 61 Notes Slide 2 – Colour theory   Say about the colours correspond with people’s feelings and sometimes helps with telling what they need to do e.g. red on the stop sign helps people see that there if you don’t stop there will be danger up ahead Next say about with... Continue Reading →


I think that the graphic narrative I did ended up well. I did struggle with the script and story line a bit since at the start I had no idea what to do. I did some research on graphic novels, comic books etc and finally decided to do a series of stories based on 2... Continue Reading →

Task 2 Production

  RED VS BLUE   Book mockup The process of my production 1st step I made all my character and assets on Illustrator, I used mainly the pen tool and traced around the original image that I have already drew out. after that I highlighted it then clicked on live paint. This made me able... Continue Reading →

Production management

Research Proposal Treatment Storyboard/ Outline Script/ Mood Board/ Thumbnails Location Recce/ Resources check Production Schedule Shooting script   Record Create material Review and evaluate

The process of production

Idea generation (brain storm, mood boards, scripts, sketches) Market research Job roles Budget Buying the equipment and software you need Deside on what assets you need to make or the location Get clearance on the location Trade mark you ideas Clearance to start the production Production Clearance to finalise the production Finalise production Get clearance... Continue Reading →

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